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1984 Joe Horton letter -Feb22

Fairly sure Joe's art work is a knock-off of what he mentions costing $10.  Both pages scanned to show off the art work.  Transcription follows.

Feb 22, 1984
New York N.Y.

Dear Aunt Jean and Uncle Harold,

As you can see I went back to the Four Seasons and picked up their stationery!  10 dollars a page – But who cares.  I used my Am. Express card.  Well actually, thank you for a wonderful dinner Monday evening.  I've eaten 1 piece of chocolate so far.  The rest is frozen.  What about a Kiwi souffle next time.  Even the raw oysters were good _ And then there's a Thank you for 456 in the village, too!  Indeed we had a great time together – just like old times in the "campement du Mali" – with the exception of now we fly 1st class.

I plan to go ice skating tomorrow with a friend from art school.  Hope my bones stay together!

Paid Cook Travel Agency a visit today to see about a trip to Russia in the Fall.  Who knows – just entertaining ideas.  I'll not forget the possibility of using your car to go to Oregon in July but that's all in the clouds right now.  I've not forgotten the foam rubber for the bed but that's up to you.  It will be a big bother for you to do it.  You are too generous to offer to do these things. Your hospitality is as splendid away from home as it is in New Vienna.

I've made reservation for Lutèce [French restaurant] for 3 in July.  We must check it out and I'll pay.  It will be my kind of luck when we discover they don't have the pre theater dinner prices!

I've seen 2 films already since you left.  "Footloose and "Silkwood."  What strange names for films these days.  What ever happened to titles like "Gone with the Wind" and "For Whom the Bells Toll" ?

Well, must get to bed in order to get up early to walk to school to draw draw draw.  When you see Mom and Dad, paint them a good picture of my apartment!  And life in NYC – so they'll be more apt to travel the distance.  Tell them we've discovered a new McDonald's – a place where prices aren't important.  Stress the free refills of coffee –

It was real fun to see you.  I only regret that we didn't have more time to spend together.  Remember a sophisticated doggie bag is an aluminum foil Easter basket here in the big apple!

Thank you for everything!
Love, Joe

And many thanks for the NYC literature which I'll use for my own personal tour of the city.

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