Tuesday, April 29, 2014

1994 MV's letter -Apr.26

Dear Mom & Dad

Welcome Home!  I am enclosing the fax I sent you, just in case – for some reason – you did not receive it in the hospital.  (If you did not, please let me know!)

How was the remainder of your trip?  Were you able to see much?  So sorry to hear of your fall but hope you got excellent care there.  It will certainly make it more memorable, right!

We have had unseasonably hot weather – in the 70's and 80's and Ginny is already getting a tan from playing outside and over the weekend.  Don went to Ichthus last weekend so Ginny & I played outside quite a bit.

I got my new contacts and glasses a couple of weeks ago.  I'm real pleased with the glasses but the contacts have not been good at all.  The more I wear them the more headaches I get, so I'm taking them back.  He had tried (something new) putting a regular lens in my eye with the bad astigmatism and it just caused too much eye strain.

I am thinking about applying for the job at Trinity Hill, but much will be contingent upon where Don gets moved.  Mainly I'm just tired of driving – this week alone I will have to spend 4 nights in Somerset.  Part of it is just time of year – at Trinity Hill I would only have to direct three choirs, which would be a nice change.  But it may be another four weeks + before we have any news about where we'll move.

This Friday night we'll have the annual lock-in for the children's musical – they rehearse the first couple hours, then have pizza and movie and go to be at 11:00.  And then they rehearse an hour in the morning before going home.

Ginny's favorite song this week is "Happy to You" (Happy Birthday) which she sings to nearly everyone she knows.  We always sing first to Baby Austin, a 9 mo. old boy in the church nursery who she calls "cutie-pie."  She got hold of the ToysRUs catalog and found the swings and slides which she went wild over.

Think I'll wind this up and get it in the mail . . .  Even though there is no mail service today in memory of RMN's [Richard Nixon, passed away April 22, 1994]  funeral.  Dis J.B. go?

We're hoping to come to New Vienna and on 5/5 and depart afternoon of 5/7.  We had talked briefly with JB about maybe meeting them for lunch on 5/6 and then you could go on to Newark for Kate's birthday party on 5/7.  We'll work out details next week after you're home and gotten some rest.

Love to you both!
Mary Va, Don & Ginny

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