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Elizabeth and Oscar, March 9-10, 1957 (2-14 of 56)

"hard to believe we were actually in such an historic place, saw many things that belonged to our forefathers and we touched the Liberty Bell"

"I had never tasted anything so good."

Saturday, March 9, 1957 Johnsons and Uibles continue on the Pennsylvania Turnpike...

We took the turn off at Valley Forge and drove the short distance to this historic spot.  The countryside was very beautiful. We went thru the George Washington Memorial Church and walked past the huts similar to those Washington's soldiers spent the awful winter of 1778.  We then drove thru the park, past the Arch of Triumph which honors America's first Soldiers.  It was quite windy and cold.

After a most enjoyable hour at Valley Forge, we drove on to Philadelphia.  We arrived at the Hotel St. James at about 6PM.  We had a very nice room with twin beds (#1207), we washed up and went out to a Horn and Hardart Cafeteria for our supper, walked around town, thru hotel lobbies, etc., for an hour or so.  Due to the cold wind and a full day ahead, we went to bed fairly early.

The invoice from the St. James (Walnut at Thirteenth Street) is attached, $7.50 per night + tax of 23¢ (3%) for a total bill for two nights of $15.46.  They paid in cash.  The St. James is an historic, 12-story hotel built in 1901, with an addition in 1904.  

Sunday, March 10, 1957
We didn't sleep too good altho we had good beds and it was quiet.  I guess it was just a strange room.  We ate Breakfast at another Horn and Hardart Cafeteria and then drove to Independence Hall.  It was all very impressive and real hard to believe we were actually in such an historic place.  We saw many things that belonged to our forefathers and we touched the Liberty Bell.  We were here for an hour and as we left we took a few pictures.  It was a clear sunny day.

Captioned: March 10, 1957.  At the entrance of Independence Hall.  Harold and Jean Uible and Elizabeth Johnson (scrapbook page 9)

Captioned: Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Johnson and part of the buildings around Independence Hall.  March 10, 1957.  (Scrapbook page 9)

Around 10AM we left Independence Park and drove to Old St. Georges Church.  After church we went to the Old Original Bookbinders [closed in 2009] for lunch.  It is considered America's No. 1 restaurant and is noted for it's sea food.  Oscar order crab and since I had no knowledge of sea food I ordered the same.  Jean had swordfish and Harold had oysters.  Oscar and I also had the biggest baked potato I ever saw plus green beans and slaw.  The crab was out of this world, I had never tasted anything so good.  Each plate was around $4.00.

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Captioned: Harold and Jean Uible and Elizabeth Johnson on the steps of Old St. Georges Methodist Church. March 10, 1957. Delaware River Bridge, known as Benjamin Franklin Bridge in the background. (Scrapbook page 11)

Also visited that day were Congress Hall, Independence National Historical Park, Betsy Ross House, Old Swedes Church, Swedish Historical Museum, and the airport.  Several brochures, clippings and post cards are included as well as a letter Elizabeth wrote to her parents -- Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Warren, 153 S. Wall St., Wilmington OH, -- written on the St. James Hotel stationary and postmarked March 10, 1957.   

Elizabeth had this to say about the airport:
...we drove to the big Airport where we spent a couple of hours watching the planes arrive and take off.  It was really a vast place both the building and grounds around.  I had no idea there were so many air lines companies.  Or that so many people traveled by air.

Jean's sister and family were to arrive in Philadelphia by train at 9:20PM so we drove to the railroad station to meet them .... [to be continued]

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