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Jan. 22, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Sunday 1989 - Minister gave sermonette on the hidden treasures in every young childs head.  Drove out to Auburn Church then road bike to Rax [Roast Beef] in Hillsboro.  Each of us had the soup and salad bar, $6.47 together.  Many people have sweat shirts on today about the BIG Bengals game in Miami with the 49ers.  [Cincinnati Bengals lost to the San Francisco 49ers  in Super Bowl XXIII, 16-20.]

Monday 1990 - Jean and I went to Art Blooms to witness their wills.

Tuesday 1991 - [Roberta visiting] Mother about the same but is eating better, even the pureed meat.  Her roommate, Ann G hardly touches her food.  Bob Current called about his mother.  (2011: Bob is a Green Townshp Trustee and is now in charge of the NV cemetery, as the IOOF was down to two members and were broke.)  Had strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Dr. Brown the lung specialist looked at Mother.

Wednesday 1992 - After Jean saw Mrs. Hadley (while I was at Court House), we went to Lebanon to file papers on Haun [?] estate, we got Serena and had lunch at Maisonette for Serena's Birthday.  Stopped at Jungle Jim's grocery in Fairfield on the way back.

Friday 1993 - Jean went with Mary Hale to 6&20 Club in Wilmington.  I was a pall bearer for Bill Stricker, he was 88.  It's been a wet week.  Article in WSJ about a bed and breakfast in Maine, having a contest to "give" the place away.

Saturday 1994 - Up in the 20's, a "real heat wave".  Bought a bag of lentils at Strebers for 65 cents, peas are 45 cents/pound.  Dottie Clifton sale in Blanchester, Jean got some sample wallpaper from the so-called outlet store, then we visited the PL, supper at Rod's Capricorn Inn on 730, really a short order place, BIG sandwiches, total bill for two = $6.  Bought a small electric heater at Walmart, 16 oz. bubbles 68¢ from Chemtoy and #161 was 97¢, ran into Debra Brumley Carey.  Her folks have bought a condo in North Fort Myers.

Sunday 1995 - Bob Hodson spoke again.  Bev Grover [?] sang.  We had lunch at Bob Evans, sat with Lorene Williams (Secretary for UMW Wilmington District for years) and her daughter Cathy, a senior at WHS, then went to Little Women at theatre.  Hard to keep everyone straight. 

Monday 1996 - Wendy now going to Glendale Community College, thinking of being a psychiatrist.  Woke up real dizzy and upset stomach.

Thursday 1998 - [Hawaii] Drove down to Pier, walked through King Kona Hotel where we stayed before.  Took noon sub ride, down to 100 feet for $69 each.  Saw lots of fish, nice experience.  Visited PL, supper at rib place near B&B.  Visited old church down town.

Friday 1999 - [to Columbus] Went to Columbus on legal business, early supper at Engine House #5, $13.49 including soup and dessert from 4-6pm, went to Loft Book Store, then to Comfort Inn at 161 & 71 $49.95.  The Fire House cost $15,000 in 1892 when it was built.  Hilda Williams found out she has is malignant cancer.  [Following added in 2010-11: Hilda Williams passed away some 5-10 years go. Her husband Gene was a great manager at Wells for about 10 years. They were both very active in the Boy Scouts. They have four children, one is a RN, one a MD in cancer research, a daughter married to a Dutchman and the youngest is in construction work in LA.]

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