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Elizabeth and Oscar, March 10-11, 1957 (15-18 of 56)

"never dreamed I would ride across it"
"I wouldn't have missed it for anything."

Sunday, March 10, 1957 Uibles and Johnsons are at the train station awaiting the arrival of Jean's sister and family.

....we drove to the railroad station to meet them, but due to a change in their plans they came by car so we missed them.  We enjoyed watching the trains come in tho, also seeing the big Station and just plain watching the people.

We knew they were to stay at the Barclay Hotel [now condominiums] so we drove there.  Jean called up to their room and we were all invited up.  The building was divided and of course we got on the wrong elevator but soon found our mistake.  They were very nice and we enjoyed an hours visit.

It was late then so we went back to the St. James for our last night in Philadelphia.  It had been a full and exciting day and by now we were feeling at home here so slept fine and awoke to a bright clear day.  We packed our things and walked out on the fire escape to view the city and realize how high up we were. [Their room was on the top, 12th floor.]

Monday, March 11
We checked out of the St. James Hotel, put our bags in the car and went to a Horn and Hardart for breakfast.  After breakfast we crossed the Ben Franklin Bridge [built in 1926, now carries 7 lanes of I-676 and US30 as well as 2 rail lines, and 2 sidewalks] and were on our way to New York City.  It was a nice ride.  It seemed to be solid city all the way so it was hard to tell just where we were.  It was quite exciting to cross the Pulaski Skyway [4-lanes US 1/9, opened in 1932 to connect Newark and Jersey City].  I had read so much about it but never dreamed I would ride across it.

Just before we got to the Holland Tunnel [first vehicle tunnel under the Hudson River, opened in 1927, now carries 4 lanes of I-78] traffic was halted.  We had a few minutes wait and then we were on our way again and into and thru this famous tunnel.

Harold drove us down to the Battery and from here Oscar, Jean and I took a boat out to the Statue of Liberty while Harold went on to the toy Fair.

There were only a few people on the boat so we had a choice of where we wanted to sit or stand to get the best view of both the Statue and the New York skyline.  There were several other boats in the Harbor and Oscar took several pictures.  When we landed we went straight to the Statue and rode up 10 stories and then walked up 168 steps to the head of the Statue.  The steps were very small and steep and I was plenty tired by the time we got back down again.  It was well worth the effort and while I have no desire to go back I wouldn't have missed it for anything.

We walked back thru Battery Park and past the Steam ship offices and went into some of them and looked at the Ship Models.
Oscar and Elizabeth at Old Swedes Church March 10, 1957
Oscar and Elizabeth at Swedish Museum, March 10, 1957

               ....stay tuned for lunch and more NYC touring
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