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Jan. 26, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Thursday 1989 - Went to Wilmington, had two legal stops en route. Jean staying over for Emmaus walk.  Worked on SS lesson 1 Cor. 12-13.  Oiled hiking shoes, pair I wore to Philmont

Friday 1990 - to Dayton to look at wheel chair lifts, then supper at Peerless Mill in Miamisburg. [Suffered fire damage in 1993, has since reopened],  Much better experience than before, $34 for two of us.  Gas at 97.9¢.  Stopped at Cub Foods, no great bargains [no longer in Ohio under that name].  Looked at Hondas.  Bob and Carl's has raised ice cream cone prices to 60 cents from 50 cents.

Saturday 1991 - NY Times daily price now 75¢, to the hospital then Wendy's for lunch.  [Added in 2011: The NYT single issue is now $2.00, tho subscribed this month for a trial at $7.40 a week, which includes the Sunday paper which sells at $6.00.]

Sunday 1992 - Jean had SS lesson on Exodus, Ten Commandments.

Tuesday 1993 - Jean and Ann Bailey went to Star Printing in Lebanon re mix-up on print job.  Left me in Wilmington, then we met Everett and all had lunch at the Denver House.  Sears closing out BIG catalog.

Friday 1996 - [Cincinnati to home] Looked up place where Serena lives but no sign of her.  Met Howard and Jane Uible (87 and 84), she has emphysema and they have talked of going to Otterbein Home.  Their one son is with a museum in St. Pete.  Ate at Jeckle's in Hyde Park on Paxton Ave. [listed as closed in 2002, building torn down]

Sunday 1997 - Left here about 8:45 and met MV and Susan at the Quality Inn on Compton.  They are in Cincy for two day meeting.  [2010 MV adds: My recollection is that we were staying at the Best Western (now Radisson) the tall, round hotel with revolving restaurant atop.]  Went to Westwood UMC, George and Carole Brown (former Wilmington DS and went to the Holy Land when we did in 1998) and John Wesley Seay [?] spoke to us.  He was the pastor there 30 years ago.  Went to Grand Finale for their brunch @$10.95.  Went to Cincy PL, new north building just dedicated last week, the original building was in 1955.  Mariemont Inn specials for $13.95,  desserts there $3.90 so stopped at Graeter's for ice cream cone ($1.35 single dip).

Monday 1998 - [Hawaii] Went down to the beach, water in ocean was cold, pool was better and whirlpool even more, nice curves for a sort of privacy. Went to breakfast at 10, $22 each for buffet, quite a spread. Enjoyed watching all the birds. Drove down to Hilton Village, a huge place. We took the train ride, then saw the dolphins and people swimming with them. That's $90 a person or two for $150 for a little shorter session. Then to Four Seasons, quite restrained compared with the Hilton.
Drove to Waimea, got more band aids for Jean's toes. Ate at Merriman's Restaurant which has had several reviews in NYT. He also has a restaurant in Whaler Village in Maui [and at Poipu in Kauai also]. They have several hammocks here, we both got in for a swing. Had pan-fried noodles with vegetables and black bean sauce $13.95, Jean had lamb $20.95 for small portion. Beverages here and at hotel are $2.75.

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