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January 6, 1989-99 Bar luncheons & Dr. appts

HH Diary 1989-1999
Friday 1989 - Bar Luncheon at Wilmington College.  Calling hours in NV for W.A. Hodson and Dorothy Achor (Mrs. Carlos).  If that not enough to do there is also a furniture auction.  Gas 85.9¢ per gallon.

Saturday 1990 - [Phoenix]  Breakfast at Kiss the Cook, walked back to Kings from there [4.5 miles].  Ate at Furr's Cafeteria.  First Saturday night that Metro [Center] stores open until 9PM.

Sunday 1991 - Met Serena at Dayton Mall, were going to "Black Forest" but ended up at Holiday Inn Restaurant near the U Mall and used Entertainment book coupon.  Bought book on Alaska.  Mothers temp up to 103, very little appetite.

Wednesday 1993 - Wade Roby spoke on "numbers" at the Lions Club, only 15 in attendance.

Thursday 1994 - [to Newark] In the PM went to Newark, ate at Red Lobster at East Gate as the Brown Derby was closed.   Got a bunch of cards at PharMor and looked at toys at Toys-R-Us.  John and Julie had a meeting so we didn't want to get there until after 9:30.  Kate is getting more active.

Friday 1995 - Fisher really closing in Wilmington.  Bar Meeting at Community Room in City Building -- pizza, cookies and pop, should help the budget.  Trying to get the McKibbins and Rockford Estates going.  Winter's first freezing rain today.  Plenty of orders for balls today.

Monday 1997 - [Phoenix to home] Toured historic homes near Glendale [Velma Teague] Library.  Then ate at Mediterranean Restaurant at 16th St. & Bethany Home.  Gwen was eating there also.  3:50 PM plane to CVG ( Covington/Cincinnati) reservations at Holiday Inn South for $65.  Week at Homestead Village in Phoenix was $239.

Wednesday 1999 - Jean had appt with Dr. H for eyes and also a quick appt with Dr. G on digestive problems.  Charlie Martin spoke at Lions Club on locating things.  More snow.

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