Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jan. 19, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Thursday 1989 - Called Serena, she mentioned about her new coat.  We were greeters at Square Dancing.  Our caller, Jim, has a hard time going without his cigarette.

Friday 1990 - [to Peoria IL] Supper in Indianapolis, cut across on 38th St from I-65 to I-465 to I-74.

Saturday 1991 - [Roberta visiting] Left for Wilmington at 10:30, Roberta fed GHU lunch.  We had lunch at Chinese Rest, then to WPL and back to the hospital for GHU's supper.  Serena arrived and we all went back to NV.  Serena was in Chicago last week, interested in a reference librarian job.

Sunday 1992 - Lunch in Leesburg, new management.  Mother really asleep today.  Open House at Marty Gillespie's (old Nordyke place).  John & Julie came after having brunch at Palm Ct in Cincy and had seen Serena the evening before.

Tuesday 1993 - Bill Stricker passed away.  He had been in Extended Care a short time.

Thursday 1995 - Betty & Herschel Arnold had us over for supper along with their Indian Friend who rents an apartment from them.  He works for Mead Paper in Chillicothe and is from near Goa.

Friday 1996 - [Phoenix] We walked down to Barnes & Noble where Catherine & Wendy picked us up.  Drove out to Lake Pleasant, lots of room out there, Peoria just annexed that area.  Ate at Applebee's.

Sunday 1997 - We took HQ and Carolyn Thornburg to Waynesville for lunch.  Had exchange minister from Wilmington Nazarene Church.  Linda Pinkerton told us that this is her 2nd marriage, she quit Milton College [Wisconsin?] in her 3rd year.

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