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Jan. 28, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Saturday 1989 -[biking back from Newark] Had breakfast at Evergreen's Restaurant near Granville [which evidently has since burned down]  Took 16 to York Road, south to 40, west to 310, south to 204, then west and south to Canal Winchester, then to Lithopolis.  What a nice library the Wagner Memorial is [I'll vouch for that -- we were there in 2007], new addition in 1983.  Had lunch at the grocery store there -- quart of buttermilk, banana and two small pies $1.97.  Then down 674 to 188 into Circleville.  Got first info on upcoming Sept. trip to China.

Tuesday 1992 - Salisburys took us to the Gideon Meeting at Stacey's Buffet in Wilmington.  $4.75 for lunch ($5.75 dinner).  Program on building churches in New Guinea.  Had Pearl Halpin sign will en route.

Friday 1994 - [to Lexington] Went to probate court in Dayton re Irma Mae Smith estate, then met Don and MV at Hilton in Lexington.  MV was meeting friends, we ate at the hotel.  In room movies $7.95 [Dad doesn't mention how many they watched, but probably zero.] Room $74.  Joseph Beth bookstore very busy.

Saturday 1995 - [to Denver] What a morning -- we were on the plane for 3 hours before leaving for Denver.  Had reservations at Brown Palace Hotel ($104/night ABA Rate).  Visited the new downtown Tattered Cover bookstore.  Oh yes, we had supper at Baby Doe's Matchless Mine [now reported as closed].

Sunday 1996 - Super Bowl in Tempe, news about Dupont murder.

Tuesday 1997 - Esther Salisbury's birthday.  She and Leon were planning to go to Florida, but his Dr.
 said no.

Wednesday 1998 - [flying home from Hawaii]

Thursday 1999 - Hilda Williams having operation.  Talked to the Goodings, they got pneumonia [?] in  Hawaii and he just got out of hospital.  Plenty of Rick Steves on TV traveling around Europe.

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