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January 5, 1989-99 MV buys wedding dress

HH Diary 1989-1999

Thursday 1989 - Had fax letter from Catherine about cancer testing.  We witnessed Hazel Washburn signing her will en route to square dancing, got our "Bike the Dike" t-shirts from Becketts in W.S. NC

Friday 1990 - [Phoenix] Mary Virginia bought wedding dress at Penney's.  Bill is in hospital after fainting spell.  Velma McGrew passed away.

Saturday 1991 - Mother seemed pretty good, said "I'd like to go to Sunday School" but back hurts and she is ready for bed after being up for 2 hours.

Sunday 1992 - Mother very sleepy, did drink glass of milk, super shake and most of pie.  Had lunch at Ponderosa in Wilmington, $5.99 each, then to Extended Care.

Wednesday 1994 - Got red chamois shirt from LL Bean, $19 + 3.95 shipping.  Bob Johnson spoke at Lions Club, first school in area in 1812, Green Township had nine [or 4?] districts, school 3 months a year.  1838 there were 68 pupils and cost was $15 per student.  In 1878, new building with 3 graduates.  1917 building cost $7000.

Thursday 1995 - Went to Hillsboro to see Henry Edwards, not too good.  Item in NYT about Follies Show in Palm Spring CA at Plaza Theater.

Friday 1996 - Bar luncheon in Wilmington.  Jean met Ann Moore (now 64) at Denver House for lunch.  Betty Arnold called up to talk with Jean about JBU.  Had letter from Bob Hinshaw and Linda Dycus finally getting married on 2/11/96, six years after they met in Nicaragua.

Sunday 1997 - [Phoenix] Went with Sid & Roberta to Trinity UMC, lady spoke.  Had lunch at Luby's on Bell Road near SCW, then to Sun Dome for Welsh Choir.   Surprised to see Frank & Ruth Cunningham (77&78).  They are friends of Nellie P[arsons?] (83), have bought condo in Denver, have one grown son.  Met Morgans and Kings at Spring Vietnamese Restaurant at 43rd & Bethany Home.

Monday 1998 - Jean got new glasses.  Lock box opening for Cecil Puckett.  Went to library and then to Taco Bell.  Long Admin. Board Meeting, $2000 short to pay apportionment, going to borrow $, voted to buy some new church office furniture.

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