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Jan. 23, 1989-99

 Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Monday 1989 - Howland closing, land K [contract] for 15 years.  Catherine's Christmas plant [an amaryllis] (then nothing showing) now in full bloom.  A beautiful warm day, up in the 50s.  Jean made lentil soup.

Wednesday 1991 - [Roberta leaves] Mother now has oxygen thing for her nose rather than just a mask.  Took Roberta to Columbus airport with detour to Jeffersonville, a nice freeway approach now.  Supper at Cracker Barrel, had Greens and Ham for $2.69. Visit to WCH PL.  Article in 1/20/91 NYT on China.

Thursday 1992 - Fall International Elder Hostel catalog arrived.

Saturday 1993 - Beautiful sunny day.  We drove out to Auburn Church , then rode bikes on to Hillsboro and had lunch at Rae's, buffet $3.99.  Bought rubber boots at TSC for $13.99, present pair bought at Syndicate Store (one of 11 businesses that were forced to move or go out of business as the buildings were torn down for the new Wilmington Muny building) in Wilmington in 1980.  Got garden seeds for 10 cents/pack.  Jean found two $1 bills along the road.  Got off family letter on our word processor software.

Sunday 1994 - Met Goodings in Waynesville for lunch.  We looked around town then made a stop at Wilmington College Library.  Goodings got a '94 Chrysler last fall.  They are going on a 5-day trip to St. Lucia in February.  Bob is talking of retiring before 7/1/94 because of a change in health benefits.

Tuesday 1996 - Fixed the Zurface papers again.

Thursday 1997 - Bible Study, just five of us there.  Esther S dropping out of bells she is having trouble with her legs.  Wendy has new job doing childcare at Bally's Gym.  Boeing up 7 points.  News that Cleveland outfit can buy the 8 oz. bubbles at 14.5¢, 2¢ below us.

Friday 1998 - [Hawaii] Left after another nice breakfast, went to Kona Historical Society, then to Refugee place.  Lunched at a bakery in Naalehu on bread samples.  We did buy a cookie.  Staying at Volcano Hole $75, drove around the Crater Rim and Chain of Craters Hwy (just like its name), through telescope could see bright lava on the surface.  Was at the end of the road at dusk, through telescope could see bright lava on the surface.  Had supper at steam-vent take out around the corner.

Saturday 1999 - [Columbus to home] Had appointment at Wesley Glen [Methodist Retirement place] at 11am for a tour.  Mary [or Marcy, look like one more letter than Mary], the craft director, took us around.  We were impressed, nice library and apartments.  We were there two hours.  Met John and Julie at downtown mall and ate at place next to Squ........[?]  Came home thru WCH to get flowers for church tomorrow.

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