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January 3, 1989-1999 Bridal Shop & Hot Water

HH Diary 1989-1999

Tuesday 1989 - Got 8.8% on CD at 5/3rd Bank, 3 birthday cards for $3.18, 24 prints $7.22, Bob & Carl's grocery $10.59 (1% milk $1.49), Water bill $17.52 (554 cu ft).

Wednesday 1990 - [Phoenix]Trinity Bible had skating party.  Wendy sprained wrist.

Thursday 1991 - [Newark to home] Continental breakfast came with our room [Buxton Inn] Bridal shop & tux place, drove around Dawes Arboretum, then to new Columbus Public Library w/huge parking garage.  Lindey's [in German Village] for lunch.  Then to Wilmington, used coupon at Julia Ch... to get a free #. Cris & Angela were here to see Grandma, it is hard for her to say more than yes or no.

Friday 1992 - Went to Wilmington for bar meeting, Jean had lunch with Ann Moore at McD, then to Hillsboro for real estate closing.  Took Mother outdoors.

Sunday 1993 - Ed Johnson spoke on Set Free in 1993, Ephesians 1:3-14.  Mother does well at having BM on the potty.  Keith Rankin new SS Supt.

Monday 1994 - Got new hot water heater.  Bud McConnell put it in.  Divorce hearing in Hillsboro, Ed Johnson decided to come back next year.  He will be 69 on 1/25/94.  Sign up on lot near Hillsboro Hospital that K Mart will open there in Fall 1994.

Tuesday 1995 - Called Elderhostel re Eastern Europe, already 20 on the waiting list, so went with Plan B, a boat trip to northern Scotland, Shetland Islands and Iceland.

Wednesday 1996 - Game warden spoke at the Lions Club, 16 present.  Item in NYT about SF moving to a new building and it will become an Asian Museum.  Catherine called us at 7:15 (5:15 AZ time).

Friday 1997 - [Phoenix]Went with Morgans to Wigwam Outlet Mall, lunch at Cracker Barrel and nearby potato chip factory.  Got hearing aid at Price Club, $800.  Senior Village helpers dinner in the PM.  Talked with pastor, they bought 10 acres at 83rd & Pinnacle Peak at 10,000 an acre 3 years ago, now 40-60,000 per acre.

Saturday 1998 - Got new Premium Bank stock, 433 shares of 100 of old Sabina Bank.  We walked downtown in AM, temperature in the 50's.  Mie Young called, they plan to be here tomorrow.  They had sent us picture of the baby's first birthday, surrounded by fruit.

Sunday 1999 - [Fearrington House, to Greensboro NC] Finally made plans with Blaine to meet him & Brooke at 1:30 at Fearrington.  He is 58, works at Lowe's.  Had a nice lunch at the Market, more realistically priced.  We had reservations at the Hampton Inn Four Seasons in Greensboro, hard place to find.  Room 116, heater very noisy and no place in bathroom for night light.  Spent some time at Borders Book Store, Jean got Erma Bombeck calendar for half price, originally $10.99.  We had a very light snack at Piccadilly Cafeteria, very slow there.

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