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Jan. 24, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Tuesday 1989 - Gene Drake lock box opening.  Ed Johnson, our pastor, along with HQT, AW Hause, Leon S, picked me up in Wilmington to go to Hara Arena in Dayton for the Unquenchable Fire meeting, rally to raise some 18 million $$ for church expansion.  Stopped at Kroger's and bought peeled pineapple at reduced price of 99 cents.

Wednesday 1990 - Jean and I went to Sabina, Ad in Sabina Advertiser , 2x2 is $7.  On to WCH, Probate Court, then Jim East at Doug Marine Motors, how they are "spread out."  Saw hoist lift.  Then Ed at Carroll Halliday Ford.  These new vans are not as nice as ours, especially the power steering.  Called John who is thinking of leaving the Bank, also Serena who seems to be getting along fine.

Thursday 1991 - [to Cincinnati]  Saw Goldie Correl.* Jean bought coffee pot at Swallen's, then met Duke**, a Wells rep, at the Conservatory Restaurant.   Then to airport to get Hortons, to Totes to get overshoes.  Sadie started staying with Mother today who seemed much better.  Calling hours for Ina Current. 

*[Added in 2011 re Goldie]  When her sister in Wilmington died there were a whole bunch of unclaimed funds, which were hardly worth the postage in recovery.  The Wilmington sister had a daughter, Kim Daniels, who was in the same class as Joe Horton at UC

**[Added in 2011]  Duke Douglass was one of our reps, who called on jobbers, who in turn called on retailers.  Duke lived in the Chicago area and with a friend in Detroit covered WI, IL, IN, MI and Ohio.  Wells had him as a rep from ~1979-1999 when the new owners took over.  The day of the jobbers is now past tense for the little guy is gone and the big retailers want to buy direct from the manufacturer. Have not been in touch with any of them since we sold out in 1999. Some of the best sales people were those who had been fired by other competitors of Wells for then that salesman was motivated to show the company that he took the customers to Wells.

Friday 1992 - Met at John Hughes re joint Elderhostel program on 3/18 before the retired teachers.  Surprised to see our neighbor blowing the snow off our sidewalk this AM.  Mother in good spirits.

Friday 1992 - [2nd entry with same date, and if it was 1/24/93 would have been Sunday] GHU complaining of aches and pains.  Had fire in fireplace, cut back the big plant from Zooks in the dining room.  Went to Dayton to file Edna Campbells will and had supper at Damon's in Wilmington, just opened as has Lowe's.  Long wait for food.  Cup of soup $2.25, spinach dip $4.95.

Saturday 1998 - [Hawaii] Into Hilo, Lyman Museum and House, then ice cream at Old Kress building, built in 1933, closed in 1980.  Drove down to end of 130 then up beach road [132] to Pohoiki, narrow and winding, saw Lava Tree State Monument, interesting tree shapes.  Supper in Pahoa at Italian Restaurant, little business.

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