Monday, January 03, 2011

January 4, 1989-1999 John to Tucson, Cris has medical issues

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Wednesday 1989 - Lions Club Program with Bob German and Lawrence Terrell.  Had spare ribs, bakes potatoes, peas, apple sauce and Pauline Terrell baked 3 cherry and 3 peach pies.  Total cost was $57.  Had Judge Herman Cartwright speak on his office.  Rode bike 2 miles.

Thursday 1990 - [Phoenix] John & Joe go to Tucson for overnight.

Friday 1991 - We went to Wilmington.  Bar Meeting.  Jean ate at Carolyn's yogurt place.  Joyce is moving to Highland.

Saturday 1992 - Mother good today.  Hillsboro library addition is completed. GC Murphy leaving Hillsboro after 40+ years.  Went on square dance raid to Hillsboro.  Got letter from Highland County Probate Court, took 8 days to get here.

Monday 1993 - Mother good today.  Called Angela Horton, Cris had close call with reaction to penicillin with a low potassium condition.  Charlotte Hause new Admin Board Chairman.

Tuesday 1994 - Big snow with wind last night, neither PJW or Carolyn made it in.  Jean & I walked to shop in PM and Pam Thornburg gave us a ride back.  JoAnn Rankin trying to raise $$ and then sponsors for her daughter to win a scholarship.

Wednesday 1995 - Dick Gieringer had Lions Club program on Laurel Oaks.   Article in WNJ about General Denver Hotel closing, built in 1926 for $150,000, been open more recently since 1988.

Thursday 1996 - More snow this evening.

Saturday 1997 - [Phoenix] Tomorrow Violet Thompson will be 94, she is Elsie's aunt.  Met [Gu...?] and the Kings at First Watch.  Roberta had all the pictures from the Wichita couple on the Australia New Zealand trip.  Went up to Union Hills to visit this couple who had made the visit and had video on the 1000 islands, then to new Juniper Public Library.  Got PJ's at Savers.  Interesting $ store - Greenbacks.  Lunch with Kings, then to Glendale P.L. where Catherine helped us on the internet.  Morgans had supper -- vegetable pie with sweet potatoes and apricots. 

Sunday 1998 - Sermon on party animal - we shop for a happy group.  Ate at Wooden Spoon, $7.45 buffet with Mie Young and family.  MY has 14-month old and is expecting again in April.  Kim has just retired at age 65 and is staying in Tucson.  EJS [Esther Salisbury] had SS, she is 78.

Monday 1999 - [NC to home]  Leon Salisbury is 82 today.  Drove around High Point, where Fli.Back (paddle ball maker) used to be, 710 Green St., recall J.E Gibson.  Flew back to Cincinnati, full plane, quite a contrast to our flight down. parking now $5/day at Cincy airport.  Snow and ice on the car, but no problem.  Had supper at Chinese restaurant in Blanchester, gal has daughter in Chapel Hill.


Mary Uible Crowson said...

Interesting in '99 that evidently they were supposed to meet Brooke and Blaine but no mention of it before they went back to Ohio??

Catherine said...

I'm sure there was something, I probably just left it out. I'll go back and check.

Catherine said...

OK, here are a few more details on Blaine which I have added to the Jan. 3 post. "Finally made plans with Blaine to meet him & Brooke at 1:30 at Fearrington. He is 58, works at Lowe's." Keep those questions and comments coming -- helps keep me going!

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