Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jan. 14, 1989-99

HH Diary 1989-1999

Saturday 1989 - Planted two evergreens near street, cold rain started about 11:30. Meeting CJ Moore's at Denver House. Cheapest dinner $11.95, rest 13.95 - entree, salad, 2 veg. Then saw McClair Family Band. Embarassed that we found ourselves 2 rows from CJ's ex-wife. She just married Dick Haines, the Moore's have been married four years this June 22. MV did not get home from MI as planned.

Sunday 1990 - Dusty Irish spoke at church.  36 at Sunday School.

Monday 1991 - Called Dr. Bath about Mother, could put her in hospital for tests, IV feeding. Really hard to get anything understandable out of her. A sunny day, TV is full of the Persian Gulf Crisis.

Tuesday 1992 - Went to Wilmington. Allen Gano sworn in as Probate Judge, a full court room. Dottie Hayes joined us for supper at the Chinese Restaurant, then she and Jean went to the Emmaus Walk meeting.

Saturday 1995 - [Columbus to home] Serena goes on tour to Cozumel Mexico from Nashville. She plans to visit the Crowsons coming and going. Dr. Hanson from Univ. of Nebraska was featured speaker, quite good.  [At UMC Prayer Breakfast?  Some other program?]  Orville Harner celebrating his 80th birthday.

Sunday 1996 - [Phoenix] Went to UMC with Roberta and Sid, Wendy and Tom, then to Luby's.

Tuesday 1997 - Jean took Clara Sears, G Hannah, Joan G, and Helen C to Emmaus Walk. "Worked" on kitchen drain, what a disaster.   Worked on spread sheet.

Wednesday 1998 - Wendy called, she started a new job on Monday.

Thursday 1999 - Wendy applies for job with the Census. Roberta sent me a new pair of SAS shoes.

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