Monday, January 10, 2011

January 11, 1989-1999 GG's Birthday, skiing anyone?

HH Diary 1989-1999

Wednesday 1989 - Bible Study, book of Joshua "obey God or Else." Ralph Nusbaum had minor accident in front of NV Senior Center. Jean went to Women's Club meeting at Prairie View Apts. Gene Drake passed away at age 79, he was really unique, told me in 1980 he rode his bike more (4700 miles) than his car.

Thursday 1990 - [Phoenix to home] Flew home. No phone # for Alox* (John Frier) in St. Louis. The Walkers met us, they had come into Columbus themselves today. Called JBU, Serena got along fine.

Friday 1991 - Called Roberta. Mother's slipping, Joe's portrait of Dad came. We ate supper at Chinese Restaurant.

Saturday 1992 - GG turns 50. Long meeting with the Hadley family in Wilmington, met at 12:30 and I got home at 10:15pm. Mother sleepy today.

Monday 1993 - I. Smith hearing (re Gibson/Duff squabble) at Montgomery County Probate Court.

Tuesday 1994 - GG went to Wilmington to renew her Drivers License. Today's Press Gazette says Judge Davis will retire at the end of January after 40 years of court service, 29 years as Judge. He will be 70.

Thursday 1996 - Item in Press Gazette about new ski resort in south central Ohio between Peebles and Waverly City, 124 to Beavers Ridge Rd to Woods Rd. [Spicy Run Snow Ski Resort].  Harold Schautz has literature about May trip to Holland MI.

Saturday 1997 - Aleda Purtee sale, 0 degree temperature.  I went, a big crowd, GG was #126.

Sunday 1998 - Church Quarterly Conference at 3pm at NV, about 40 people there, we sat on each side then as reports were given we gathered in the middle of our SS. Shirley Cadle will start her 5th year this June. Tonight she has last Quarterly Conference at Westboro. Concerned about their daughter who wants to marry a Peruvian. Shockley (?) drives for Airborne. Had SS lesson on Romans 11:16-33

Monday 1999 - First class postage goes to 33 cents, penny postcard now will be 21 cents, but just 20 cents if you furnish card.

*Additional info on Alox here.

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