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Elizabeth and Oscar March 13-18, 1957 (31-34 of 56)

" isn't every day we pick up all our worldly possessions and move on 5 minutes notice."

Wednesday, March 13, 1957 Cont'd - Late afternoon with the Uibles and Johnsons in NYC, HH on toy business, Jean shopping and the Johnsons getting a bit of rest before dinner.  The diary continues....

Harold knocked on the door a little later and gave us a quart of milk which sure hit the spot.

We got dressed and ate supper then went back to Rockefeller Center to the Radio City Music Hall – The showplace of the nation, we had seen it form the lobby that morning as we took the tour.  Here we saw the show, "The Spirit of St. Louis," also the famed "Rockettes."  This was quite an evening.  Just as thrilling if not more so than the Broadway play at the Alvin Theatre the night before.  It had been another full day and we were glad to get back to the hotel.  By now the Piccadilly was very much our home.

Thursday, March 14, 1957
This day we slept a little late as Harold had business and we were to be on our own again [with Jean].  First we went down to the piers to see the boats.  We went aboard the Greek Luxury ship and toured it from top to bottom.  The United States was tied up along side and we got to watch the crew have a life boat drill which was very interesting.  The US is the world's largest ship.

We took a bus for the long ride across the city, then another bus which took us past Central Park and on to Riverside Church and Grants Tomb.  We had lunch at Chock full o'Nuts.  Oscar and I left Jean here.  She to go shopping and us back to the Hotel and pack as Hildegard and David were to pick us up at 7pm.  We checked out and moved our things over to the Uible room to wait.

Then a large group of cadets from a school were checking in that afternoon and we were called and asked to be out of the Uible room so the Cadets could have the low-priced rooms.  We told them the Uibles weren't expected back until late.  We were very glad when Harold came in around 3 and took over.  They gave the Uibles another room on the 8th floor and with the help of a Bell Hop we made the move.  It was a very nice room and added a little excitement to the day.  After all it isn't every day we pick up all our worldly possessions and move on 5 minutes notice.

David and Hildegard arrived so we bid the Uibles goodbye and started the 2 hour (75 miles) drive to Orange Conn.  It was 9pm when we got there.  We had coffee and sandwiches and cake and went to bed, tired and very happy to be out in the country again.
postcard to her parents, M/M J.E. Warren, dated Sat. March 16, 1957 transcribed below

Dear Mom, Well we are at Hildegards.  She came to NY for us Thursday evening.  Its so good to be able to rest a little again.  She has a beautiful home, really fine.  Its cool here tho clear and pretty.  We leave by train Monday morning to meet the Uibles.  We have seen an awful lot of wonderful things.  But o my feet hurt. Love, Elizabeth

While in Connecticut they looked at lots of family pictures, even a "movie." Oscar helped David with his housing construction work, gathering supplies, and cutting stone.  They drove around the beautiful New England countryside, saw Yale University and the beautiful city of New Haven, especially the fine homes section.
Shore Line timetable, nine daily trains from New Haven to Providence (dated 10/28/56)

Description of services available - Mayflower had coaches, dining car and parlor car between NY and Boston

Monday, March 18, 1957
We were awake early for we were to catch an early train to Providence RI to meet the Uibles.  We drove to the New Haven RR Station where we caught the Mayflower train of the Shore Line.  It was to leave at 8:52 but was a little late.  Our only stop was New London CT.  It was a fast and beautiful ride.  We could see the ocean all the way.  The New England country side was a treat also.  It had been many years since we had rode [sic] on a train so that was a thrill in itself.

To be continued....

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