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Jan. 20, 1989-99

Notes from Dad's Diary 1986-1999

Monday 1986 - [while visiting Colfax WA] Went to Quinn's Hot Springs in Paradise, Montana with the Morgans.

Friday 1989 - George Bush sworn in as President, great TV coverage

Saturday 1990 - [Peoria IL] Serena's 35th Birthday!  Went grocery shopping at Thompsons, also got Serena a microwave, $199.  Had supper at a Japanese Restaurant (Shogun) where they cooked right in front of us.  Had Room 231 at Jumer's [since closed see From-Castle-to-Courtyard] $69 with 10% off + $7.62 in tax.  High drapes at front of bed, bathroom nothing extra.

Sunday 1991 - [Roberta visiting] Serena's Birthday, also Ed Johnson and Marty G.  119 at church.  Met Goodings at Der Dutchman in Waynesville.  Menu dinners start at %5.45, beverage 70¢, pie $1.10.  Mother is sleepy, doesn't object to the oxygen mask.  First prayer meeting at church, 20 present.

Monday 1992 - John & Julie left, Mother very alert today.

Wednesday 1993 - MV called this AM, Ginny's first two teeth came in last night. 

Thursday 1994 - We went to Wilmington, filed apps for guardian for Tim Woods, real estate closing at 5pm then visited Carlos Achor at CMH and the Smiths land contract release.  Had supper at the Chinese Restaurant.  Talked to Serena last night re her birthday and have talked to all of the children the last few days.

Saturday 1996 - [Phoenix to Ohio] Flew home from Phoenix on SW Airlines and stayed overnight at the Cross Country Inn near the airport, between the noisy heater and the toilet flushing it was OK.  John, Julie & Kate met us at the airport and we had supper at Boston Chicken on E. Main St., Julie had trouble convincing the clerk she wanted white, not dark chicken, then had ice cream across the street at Johnsons.  Visited B&N bookstore.  Parking at the airport was $35, the rd lot the cheapest of the two.  Roberta sent us 15 packages of fig newtons and lots of pads.

Monday 1997 - Jean had hospital meeting and mix up in meeting Marie Cooper.  Met John, Julie, and Kate at Wendy's at Jeffersonville Mall.  Kate is getting more talkative.

Tuesday 1998 - [to Cincinnati in preparation for trip to Hawaii] After UMW meeting drove to Holiday Inn at CVG.

Wednesday 1999 - Called Catherine, Wendy has moved back home.  Jean is going through old Christmas cards.  Up to 55 today.  After UMW meeting drove to Columbus airport, staying at Holiday Inn.

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