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Wilmington Ohio Main Street 1930

Page 2 of the 1985 County Seat Calendar

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Picture captioned: Going to Town, Circa 1930:  Time came to standstill in 1948; truck smashed the bank clock  Looking west from South Street, with General Denver on the far right side of street.  This street is now one-way east bound and in addition to State Routes 3 and 73 is also US Route 22.  According to Wikipedia, US-22 was extended in 1932 from US-40 to Cincinnati as it is currently, replacing Ohio State Route 10 and following preexisting State Route 3.

January 6, 1851  Local youth changes residence to California....  After an altercation in a one-room schoolhouse near Lees Creek, John Dale strikes teacher Artemus Morrow in the head with a stick of firewood.  That evening, Mrs. Morrow "shrieks as she becomes a widow."  The next day when the sheriff visits the Dales, the lad has disappeared.  "He was a big strong boy," says the father, and he's gone to the land of milk and honey."

January 7, 1867  William Cleveland has finished his unusual Swiss chalet on Main Street beside the old Friends Meeting House and moves his wife and daughter here from Yellow Springs.  A working architect, his work includes the Main School, [old]city hall, the Farquhar Building, the Hildebrant house [and more].  

January 9, 1940  A lone bandit, Forest Miller, a thin, unemployed day laborer from Bowersville, threatens Port William Banking Company employees with nitrogylcerin and flees with over $300.  After his auto overturns on a curve outside of the village, and a posse begins to move in, the nitro goes off and blows him to bits.  Some surmise the desperate young man killed himself.  [Elizabeth Johnson adds a note to this entry: Dear Jean, The Forest Miller that robbed the Port William bank graduated from Reesville in 1932 in my class.  Thanks for letting me read the calendar.  I found it interesting --Elizabeth]

January 11, 1918  Terrible blizzard hits Wilmington.  No trains, mail, or newspapers for four days.  Temperature is minus 17 degrees and remains there for 36 hours.  New Burlington is isolated until the 24th.  Snows continue until the end of March.

January 12, 1912  Foster Ellison leaves his horse hitched on Mulberry Street more than five hours, Marshal Will Sliker cites him for overparking.

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