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Jan. 8, 1989-99 Twice to Cookers & Snow

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999

Sunday 1989 -A.W. Hause had SS lesson, Rev. Johnson told the children the story of looking at a divided banana for signs of good luck vs the virtue of praying.  Met the Goodings at the Golden Lamb, hardly anyone there, had brunch for $8.95 or petite dinner for $11.95+.  Spent $27.  From there we went to Methodist District meeting at Milford Trinity Church.  SS 47, Church 62.  $367.68

Monday 1990 - [Phoenix] Roberta and Jean went to San Diego to visit Lois Bruce.  $19 each way.  They had lots of walking, restaurants closed.  MV went to Mesa to see the Garretts.

Tuesday 1991 - Busy day at the office, Mother is swallowing better. 

Wednesday 1992 - John S[unber?] spoke at Lions Club.  Jeanette & Brett Laymon in over her dad's estate. 

Friday 1993 - Went to Columbus, met Serena, John and Julie at Cooker's on E. Main St, near I-270 and had dinner.  $58 for the six of us.  Roberta brought about 70# of grapefruit with her.  H.K. Williams passed away at 88.  I recall him as my Scout Master.

Saturday 1994 - [Columbus to home] Had continental breakfast at motel [Knights Inn] went to Sam's, then to Target where I got a new razor.  Lunch at Cooker's as a year ago, beverages were $1.25 each .  Got gas at 89.9 cents.  Stopped at WCH library.  Read in Columbus Magazine  where Dennis Pusateri is quitting law practice at 41.  Read in WNJ where Mark Cowman was charged on 12/9 with stealing a bottle of some antibiotic at TSC.  WNJ article about Harry Hague at 79.

Sunday 1995 - [second entry dated 1/8/94] - Ate at Midland Senior Citizens lunch for $3.50.  Talked to Walter Nichols, they are leaving for FL on 1/9. 

Monday 1996 - Blizzard has passed.   Randy Thompson cleaned out our driveway with a tractor.

Wednesday 1997 - Lions Club, 15 present.  1/2 year dues are $15.  Dick Geringer, ECS Supt had Sam [or Sara?] Saylor speak on Home Ec work and the vocational school.  Sabina students are now in their new building.

Thursday 1998 - Janet Achor and I went to Lynchburg to open Carlos Achor lock box.

Friday 1999 - Had our dental appointments, no cavities for either of us.  Delayed luncheon at Bar Meeting.   Joe Dennis is Pres.  More snow, this week we have had a 1/2 year supply.  Mark Schilling to retire as bailiff after 27 years.  1995 picture of CC Bar Assoc has 45 people (9 gals), in 1986 were 32 people (4 gals), 1978 = 29 people (2 gals), 1967 = 19 people, 1938 = 19 people.  Last court in old Court House was on 9/27/14 (New court house was built during the world war period, raw materials went up and the contractor went broke and the elevator was not installed until later).  Called Ed Jones he is 82 and has lots of teeth problems.

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