Sunday, January 02, 2011

HH Diary: Acronyms and Abbreviations

A list of acronyms and abbreviations used in the 1989-99 Diary.  Sometimes I have spelled them out, other times used the shorter version, often substituted MUH for Mary for instance to differentiate between MUH and MV.

ABA - American Bar Association
Bert - Roberta
CH - Court House
Cincy - Cincinnati
CLE - ~ Continuing Legal Education
CMH - Clinton Memorial Hospital
CVG - Cincinnati Airport [although in writing looks more like CVC which is Cleveland]
CWRU - Case Western Reserve University
DJ - Dow Jones
DS - District Superintendent
EC - East Clinton School District
EJS - Esther Salisbury
GHU - Gladys Hiestand Uible "Grandma"
HH - Harold Hiestand Uible "Dad"
HQT - Harold Thornburg
HRC - Heartland Care Center
JBU - Jean Ballantyne Uible or John Ballantyne Uible
LC - Leadership Clinton
LW - Lake Worth
Mares - Marianne Horton Kintner
MUH - Mary Uible Horton
MV - Mary Virginia Uible Crowson
NC - New Cumberland
NV - New Vienna
NYT - New York Times
OET - Ohio Estate Tax
OSBA - Ohio State Bar Association
PHX - Phoenix
PJW - Phyllis White, HH's long time secretary
PL - Public Library
PO - Post Office
PPR - Pastor Parish Relations (committee)
RR - Railroad
RT - Round Trip
SS - Sunday School
SSCC - Southern State Community College
NYT - New York Times
UMC - United Methodist Church
UMW - United Methodist Women
WC - Wilmington College
WCH - Washington Court House
Wilm - Wilmington
WNJ - Wilmington News Journal
WPB - West Palm Beach
WPL- Wilmington Public Library
WSJ - Wall Street Journal
YS - Yellow Springs

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