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Elizabeth and Oscar March 20, 1957 (46-49 of 56)

"this was something very few tourists ever get to do"

We left the tired Johnsons, and the seasoned well-traveled Uibles spending Tuesday night at the Colonial Inn in Concord, Massachusetts.
Colonial Inn, Concord, Mass. c1950

 Wednesday, March 20, 1957 Diary continues:
....when I opened the blind a little to see if it was daylight, I was greeted by the most beautiful sight.  During the night several inches of soft fluffy snow had fallen and our New England country side was truly a winter wonder land.  ...we drove to the battle ground at North Bridge, parked the car and walked through the snow to the bridge.

We drove past the "Old Manse" [Home of Ralph Waldo Emerson's grandfather] and on to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.  It was very hilly and looked a littler dangerous in the snow, we drove in anyway.  We walked among the graves until we came to the Emerson family plot.  It was on a rather high hill.  I think this was something very few tourists ever get to do.  Walk thru Sleepy Hollow Cemetery just after day break in a heavy snow fall.

We drove back into town and ate breakfast at a small eating place.  Here we sat next to truck drivers and high school girls.  After breakfast we started our drive back toward New York City. real stop was at Old Sturbridge Village [it was exceptionally impressive due to the snow she writes in a post card.]  Our guide recommended two restaurants, one was a very swank country club type of a place which we passed up and the other a lovely eating place along the road called Rom's Italian Cuisine [closed ~2009] – we had a lovely lunch in the "Oak Room," we were the only guests at the time (which was about 2pm) so we got the Deluxe service.  Jean & Oscar had fish and chips while Harold and I ate an Italian dish made of macaroni and cheese and etc.  It was very good.  We had fun with Oscar who covered his fish with the grated cheese that had been served to me.

After our lunch we again hit our turnpike and started on for New York.  It was a lovely four lane highway with a broad expanse of grass between the North and South bound lanes.  Traffic moved fast and we covered many miles in a short period of time.  As we passed the Orange [CT] turn off we thought of the Magnusons. [The relatives they visited the previous weekend.]

We had hoped to stop at the Paramount Hotel since the spring tour from Wilmington were to stop over there.  The rates were a little to high to suit us, so we went back to the Piccadilly where we again had rooms on the 11th floor.  We felt right at home here by now."

To be continued....
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