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Old Bulk Plant and Clinton County Ohio trivia

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Back of photo:  Old Bulk Plant in New Vienna [Ohio], Main St., was next to Irons Building which was Daye Hardware, now the Antique Mall.

This is the back side of the Mongold Oil Company / gas station?  Picture is undated but appears to have been taken in the winter mid-1900s.  CJU had a financial interest in the company at one time and he also had a bulk gasoline business in Hillsboro where Bill Horton worked at one time.

Rollo Mongold was the owner of Mongold Oil Company, his older brother, R.W. "Shorty" Mongold ran the Southern Ohio Tool and Die Company.  Shorty and CJU were good friends.

From Page 5 of the 1985 County Seat Calendar

January 29, 1931 The last engine rides the Grasshopper Line.  Connecting Port William and Kingman [part of the Detroit, Toledo, and Ironton Railroad which shut down in 1933, was organized as the Waynesville, Port William and Jeffersonville Railroad in 1875] it was owned by Henry Ford who was sometimes seen in the area operating a handcar.  The line was named because it was so slow grasshoppers didn't stir from the roadbed.  The engineer backed to Kingman, as there was no turntable there, and sometime the train stopped off in the woods were the crew hunted squirrel.  [Kingman is now a crossroads on 380, north of I-71, near the Sharon Methodist Church, in 1915 eighty were enrolled in the Kingman HS.]

January 31, 1931 The town [Wilmington] acquires boulevard lighting.  116 lamps downtown.  It is described as "bright with radiance its first settlers would deem impossible."  Wilmington's first lights came in August of 1873, and were gas.  In November of 1893, town got first electric lights which were so poor townsfolk keep gas ones, too.  Before 1893, town operated on "moon contracts," with no lights during bright of the moon.

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