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Jan. 15, 1989-99

HH Diary 1989-1999

Sunday 1989 - Sharon King (works at bank) sang at church.  Since we were expecting Mary Virginia and Diane for lunch, we had plenty of food, so invited Bill Frankenberg for lunch, he now lives on Welcome Rd.  MC called again about us meeting them in Middleton, but not possible since we had company.  Went on 23 mile bike ride, out NV Road, Hixon Rd, Larrick Rd, Terrell Rd, Bernard Rd.  Average speed 12.5 mph.  Roberta called, possibility she is going to Washington DC 3/18 for 6 day meeting.  SS=46, Church=66, $331.37.

Monday 1990 - GG must have thought I looked bad, gave me 3 frozen White Castle hamburgers.  Serena gets out of the hospital. 

Tuesday 1991 - Took Mother to CMH.  She has pneumonia, seems to be resting comfortably.  Roberta called about coming in two days.  The Hortons have standby reservations for 1/24.  Fatal accident at 28 and 134.  Jay Ewing came at 9:30.

Wednesday 1992 - Our first winter storm, not much snow but lots of wind.  Mother in good mood, would hardly recognize her writing.

Saturday 1994 - Another zero day.  Jean went to meeting in Hillsboro on stress by former missionary.  John called and said Kate was crawling all over their house.

Sunday 1995 - [to Newark]  The couple who had the music were sure overweight and the way they ate it was understandable.  The new UMC Conference office is going up on the grounds of the Worthington Childrens Home.  Went to Newark, Red Lobster for supper.  In the evening we all went to the Cherry Valley Lodge and helped put out program for the breakfast (that Julie is chairing) they are having for 300 people for this special school.

Monday 1996 - [Phoenix]

Thursday 1998 - Carolyn's 23rd year at Wells.

Friday 1999 - MV sent us email that Christian is walking, Ginny has a rash that develops at school.  Jr. Daye had operation for colon cancer.  Hilda Williams in for tests.  Mike Daye having problems with feeling in his hands.

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