Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 15, 1989-99

Andrew naps, Kate sleeps

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - Jean took papaya to Extended Care and I went to the Court House.  Went to Wendy's then shopping.  Kroger's had bananas for 29¢/lb.  Gas 93.9¢

Wednesday 1990 - [Roberta visiting]  Appraisal at Margaret Ross's house and farm, what a MESS.  Serena and staff member going to Canton today to return their bookmobile for a paint job.  Roberta and Jean met Margaret Drake at the Denver House for lunch.

Thursday 1991 - Got new screen and cutter for my electric razor.  Getting roof painted on old Church Building.  [Assume that would be the former Quaker church at 3rd and Church Sts.]

Saturday 1992 - Mother in good spirits.  More rain, wiped window sills at Wells.  Went ⃞ dancing in Hillsboro.  Jean made zucchini bread.

Sunday 1993 - Had lunch at Hamblin House in Waynesville on the porch.  Visited the "Moss" gallery.  She will be coming here the next to last weekend in October.  Took us 10 minutes to get past traffic tie up at the Flea Market area.  Ruth Anna and Ben Page celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, they went on their honeymoon at Indian Lake.  Wendy arrives at John and Julie's today.

Friday 1997 - [Cuzco to Lima Peru] Staying at the Gran Bolivar Hotel, built at the turn of the century, large room and right on the square.  The group went to a floor show which got started about 11pm.

Saturday 1998 - [Mohican State Park] We had breakfast with group ($6.95 in restaurant).  Went to Bromfield's Malabar Farm [Malabar Farm State Park], nice wagon ride for $1, about 45 minutes, then a tour of the house, $3 each, took about 45 minutes, very interesting.  Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall were married there in 1945.  Had lunch at the Malabar Sun, surprisingly nice.  Had supper at the Lodge.  I had the steamed vegetable plate, way too much food.

Sunday 1999 - [to Newark] Jean had SS lesson on Ezekiel.  Got to Newark about 1pm.  Waited until 2 when Andrew was ready to get up from his nap.  Went to the new Bob Evans at Cherry Valley.  We checked in to the Cherry Valley Lodge, #242 for $99/night.  Their posted rate is $149.  Newark builders are having open house at their annual Parade of Houses, we visited 3 houses.  After supper went to the motel for a brief swim.  Kate did well in sleeping.

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