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Serena Uible Reynolds & "Four Little Kittens"

Serena Uible Reynolds (sister of CJ Uible) and "the four little kittens" Helen, Marjorie, Serena, Lucile.  Blanchester, Ohio 1919, before Leslie's birth.

Serena Uible Reynolds 1882-1963, was one year older than Cecil J. Uible.  Her husband, Leslie Clinton Reynolds died in 1924 in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  She died in San Mateo, California on December 20, 1963.  They were moving to California for his health.  Not sure if they made it to California or if he died en route.  Since daughter Serena was born in California they had obviously been to California previously.

Helen Reynolds Hancock 1910-1963, married Paul W. Hancock, Jr. (1915-2002) before 1942, she died in Los Angeles on July 31, 1963.

Marjorie Reynolds Guild born June 22, 1912 and died February 17, 1994 in Los Angeles.  Married to Henry Guild.

Serena Reynolds Pugh born April 17, 1914 in Kern, California, and died February 4, 1968 in San Francisco.  She married Keith E. Pugh and had a son Keith, Jr., who has 3 daughters and two sons.  One of Keith Jr.'s sons, Scott Christopher Pugh died in 2004.

Lucile Reynolds (1-Robert Triplett, 2- Dustin Hunnicut) Ito 1916-?.  Her last husband Naboru Ito.

Leslie Clinton Reynolds 1922-1998, born three years after this picture.  He married Joan Berry.  He became Leslie Sr., when his son, Jr. was born and he also had a daughter.  Leslie Jr. has two daughters.
Here's another picture which MV originally posted in 2008:

Supposedly L-R: Harold Uible, Gladys Uible, Leslie, Serena, Lucille Reynolds and CJ Uible.  Something seems funny though if Leslie is supposed to be three years older than HH.  Could this be one of Serena's grandsons?  Keith Pugh, Jr. maybe who was born in 1937?  Could be a son of Lucille except I don't know if she had any sons....

Harold, Gladys and CJ traveled to California in 1936 spending some time with the Reynolds, where HH learned to ride a bike on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles..  See this post: 1936 & 1944 trips - California and Florida for more information.  [Some of the pictures need to be reposted though.]
There may be more information about Aunt Serena's family in my possession, but this is what is currently at hand.  Corrections and additions welcome and I'll post more when I find it!

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