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Aug. 22, 1989-99 Yonkers filming in Wilmington

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Tuesday 1989 - Wore pedometer, 2400+ steps.  Reading Route 66 book, 18' wide and finally all paved in 1928.  At first they had rental tents for the tourists for 50¢/night. 

Wednesday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Read in the WNJ where in the 1920s there were 25 school districts in Clinton County.  I do recall when there were 13, and now there are four.  [By contrast Maricopa County AZ (which is much bigger but still) has about 240 school districts, perhaps half of which are Charter Schools, and at least 10% are elementary school districts separate from the high schools.  AZ is long overdue for educational reform/consolidation.]  MV and Don came in from Canada via Michigan and brought us peaches and blueberries.  Had turkey for supper.  Hortons left for Indiana to visit Cris.

Thursday 1991 - John, Julie and her parents came down for the afternoon.  Cathy from Washington State called us about calling Elderhostel and getting them to go forward with our Russian trip.

Saturday 1992 - Walked around downtown Wilmington, they are filming part of the movie "Yonkers", a lot of false front store fronts such as a bakery, Chinese laundry and about 20 1940s vintage cars including a street car.  From Xenia we rode our bikes 8.5 miles to Yellow Springs and had a snack at Carol's near the PO where you pay by the ounce for what you put on your plate.  Mother wouldn't eat much today.  Cleaned out ditch in front of Wells.

Sunday 1993 - [Wendy visiting] Met Serena at Der Dutchman in Waynesville, lots of traffic on 73 near Flea Market.   We were a half hour for the two miles.  Then we went to the Ohio R.... [River?] Festival, had tickets for ½ price so $20 for the four of us.  We were there from 3-6.  One show was this fellow swallowing the sword and the 36" balloon - ugh.  The mud show – how could anything be worse.  Had ice cream at 73 & 42 in Waynesville.

Monday 1994 - [to Newark] Jean had therapy appointment in Wilmington, also Dr. appointment about her shoulder tendinitis.  Had reservations at Cherry Valley Lodge, Room 139, facing inside, $85/night + $7 tax.  Ended up eating with John and Julie, then they came out for a swim.

Tuesday 1995 - First day of school.  Have several gdn [?] for school purposes.  Picked a couple gladioli.

Thursday 1996 - Leadership Clinton meeting.  Tobacco stocks are ꜛ and ꜜ.

Friday 1997 - [Naples FL] Spent some time on 3rd Street, especially Mole Hole, all those fountains.  Had lunch on South side of street.  Walked out on the pier.  Nice supper at St. George the Dragon.

Saturday 1998 - We went to Wilmington for Tom Young sale, all these toys, etc.  Had lunch at Sangers [?]. We split an entree and soup.  Virginia S. came in and got pie.  Allan and Mark (he was painting a barn) [or bank? or something else?] were there also.  Stayed at WPL until 4pm.  Stopped at Walmart for new watch band, black.

Sunday 1999 - Shaffer Picnic.  George asked us to bring pop, it looked like everyone brought pop, so there was plenty.  Jean not feeling well so we came home at 3pm, hard to get her to eat anything.

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Catherine said...

From Dad: (1995) school gdn refers to new students in the district who are not living with their parents and the school district requires a [legal] guardian.

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