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August 31, 1989-99

John flies, Serena moves

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - We cut the grass back from the sidewalk.  PM had 4 for 1 split, the 6th since 1966.  Took GHU to the Emergency Room with hemorrhoid problems.

Friday 1990 - John called, he's flying to Chicago to see Julie. 

Saturday 1991 - [Helsinki and Moscow trip]

Monday 1992 - Bill and Diane Wilkinson helped Serena move to 107 Village St. in Hamilton.

Tuesday 1993 - We went out to see John Hughes -- a fast? case of cancer.  Last fall he was in Russia.  Finally got some rain, seems like it has been a hot summer.  Rumor that Strebers Grocery is going to close. 

Wednesday 1994 - [to Columbus for flight to Wisconsin on Thursday] We leave for Columbus.

Saturday 1996 - We washed a couple of windows.  Got pictures from Roberta on the Montana vacation.  Also material on Holden Village on Lake Chelan WA.  Went to Wilmington, looked at kitchen floor covering at Rice's, Naylor's had wanted $1700 for the job.  Saw Grace Stewart and Garnett Fisher in the Recovery section of CMH.  We had supper there.  Got card on Joe's art show.  Jean reached Rona Thompson, Homer is now in a nursing home in Columbus.

Sunday 1997 - [Morgans visiting] After lunch of tofu sandwiches we went to Lebanon, saw Glendower, $3 per person, but used our pass.  The Warren County Museum also closed at 4pm.  Visited nice book store.  Catherine got me an interesting book on places to visit in the Midwest, like new but was in the used book section.  In Lebanon putting a new bridge just past the Golden Lamb.  Visited Otterbein Home, then supper at Waynesville.

Monday 1998 - Open House at NV Middle School.  We just happened to wander in. 

Tuesday 1999 - Back to the Dr. again for Jean, said she had blood in her urine.  Got 10 White Castle hamburgers for $4.10.  We came home and 5 of these with lettuce and tomatoes.  National Latex is having trouble paying their bills and they are well above $41,000.  Got card from Mary [presumably MUH] from New Jersey where she is visiting.

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