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Sept. 1, 1989-99 UK socks for Roberta

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1990 - Jean and I cleaned up around Wells, burning limbs across the street.  We took Edwin and Phyllis White to Carolyn and Mike Smith's wedding at Dodsonville UMC [south of Lynchburg].  We almost beat Carolyn there.  C.R.'s son was really informal.  Bruce Beam and ________ Arnold married today, reception on the train from Midland to Greenfield and return.  Hortons left for annual reunion.

Sunday 1991 - [Helsinki and Moscow trip]

Tuesday 1992 - Big article in 8/31 NYT about the NEW MALL in Bloomington MN, about 400 stores [and 4.2 million square feet].  Compared it with the Southdale Mall [four miles away] in Edina MN that opened in 1956.  [Southdale is the US' oldest fully-enclosed, climate controlled mall with 800,000 square feet and is still open although owned by Simon Malls, a company that specializes in "distressed" shopping centers.  Simon owned Metrocenter in Phoenix but sold it in 2004.  I think Metrocenter is now beyond stressed and closer to dead.  Since Trader Joe's closed we go there only for the library.]

Wednesday 1993 - Lions Club, 18 there.  Jim C. of the CM Hospital Foundation spoke, the new office wing is about to open.  Also the District Governor was there.  Problem with C. Smith at the plant.  IRS gal is there for the 2nd day.  New 6 year real estate tax valuations are out. 

Thursday 1994 - [Columbus to Wisconsin] Had reservations at the Kohler [American] Club in Kohler, WI, $185/night, a 4-star place [now 5-diamond], a big parking garage underground, a whirlpool in bathtub.   Had supper at Lesu's [?] near the sports area.  They have a shuttle service that goes to the different areas.  En route to Kohler [near Sheboygan] we saw the Discovery Center in part of the MPL [Milwaukee presumably], very interesting, they plan to be in a new building in another year.

Friday 1995 - [to Lexington KY] After the Wagonseller/McKay closing in Wilmington we ate at Boston Chicken en route to Lexington to meet the Crowsons.  We went to the UK and got Roberta some UK socks, then had supper at the Coach House, very nice.  We had reservations at the Best Western at exit 110, rooms 104 and 106 for $44/each.  We used the pool this evening.

Sunday 1996 - John, Julie and Kate arrive.  MUH is wrapped up in the tennis on TV.  Started Proverbs in SS.  Serena came about 3pm. 

Monday 1997 - [Morgans visiting] Labor Day.  Cleaned up old apple tree and took limbs to parsonage.  Went to Fallsville, very little water coming over edge.  Talking about need of mission statement for our church.

Tuesday 1998 - Open House at NV Elementary.

Wednesday 1999 - Lions Club Program.  D.G. [District Governor] from Jamestown spoke, they have 12 women in their club.  Leon Salisbury sure has trouble getting around.  The DG has 47 clubs to cover and New Vienna was the first club he had visited.

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