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August 3,1989-99

Amazon adventure begins

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - [Kauai to Honolulu, Hawaii for ABA] Visited library in Lihue, open from 8am to 4:30.  Had noon flight, long wait and walk to get bus ($5) to downtown.

Friday 1990 - [home to Merrillville Indiana en route to Chicago with GG and Annie for ABA]  Left at 2pm, supper at Olive Garden in Indianapolis.  Really a fast exit at US-30 for Red Roof Inn.

Saturday 1991 - First big rain in over three weeks.  Article in National Geographic about 75th anniversary for the National Park Service.

Monday 1992 - Bill and Diane Wilkerson helped Serena move into Hamilton, 107 Village Street, four blocks from the library.

Tuesday 1993 - [Ashland OR for Elderhostel: Last Call! A Week at the Theater] A Flea in Her Ear [performance] was so funny -- about the revolving bed room.

Thursday 1995 - Writing the salesmen about my inaction at Wells.  Picked up cans along Careytown Road.  Ed Brown here to get signature on his petition for Mayor, complained about truck repair across the street.

Saturday 1996 - [Waterton National Park, Alberta Canada to Essex, Montana] Family Reunion at Glacier National Park until 8/8/96.  We're in Room #6.  Lunch at big hotel at East Glacier [Glacier Park Lodge].

Sunday 1997 - [Iquitos to Amazon Camp Peru] We are in back room, Ambassador Hotel, a 3*.  Breakfast was a big juice, ham, eggs and toast.  Motorcycle cab to the dock where we got on a long narrow boat for 7+ hour ride.  Our luggage was down the middle.  Got to Amazonico [?] Lodge about 5:30, [must use] either flashlight or lantern.  We are 129 steps to __________ [the river? the outhouse? the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve?]

Monday 1998 - [Toronto Ontario Canada for American Bar Association] Went to CWRU [Case Western Reserve University] breakfast, 10 of us there.  Tuition for class of 2000 is $20,500.  Legal holiday in Toronto.  Staying in Room 424 of Guild Hall, rather dog-eared though nice room and beautiful grounds.  [Closed in 2001, partially destroyed by fire in 2008, hotel towers approved for demolition in 2009.]

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