Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bermudian Magazine April 1996

The Bermudian, a glossy travel magazine, is "the island's premier monthly magazine" available in 1996 for $40/year.  In 2011 it's partially available free online or a hard copy can be delivered to your house for $29/year.  Today their subtitle is "the source of culture in Bermuda."

The April 1996 issue features an article entitled Age of Discovery: Elderhostellers experience "real" Bermuda by Nancy Acton.  She joins the group on a field trip to Nonsuch Island, an isolated and usually off-limits living museum.

I don't see the word "Uible" in the article but you will recognize the couple in the foreground of this picnicking picture.
Picnic Lunch in Bermuda - HH & Jean Uible with an Elderhostel Group in Bermuda.  
Picture from p. 24 of The Bermudian, April 1996
The Elderhostel trip of which they were a part was February 6-11, 1996

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