Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aug. 26, 1989-99 Play House painted

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - We painted the play house.  Dutch Boy Water Base Paint from K-Mart, 1 gallon $19.95 reduced to $11.95, supposed to be 10 year guarantee.  Bought four marked down muskmelons at Kroger's for 69¢.  Jean and MUH went to UMC for Gruber-Morgan wedding. 

Sunday 1990 - The Gruber-Morgans [mentioned in 1989 entry] are now expecting a baby in December.  Went to Blanchester to eat.  During lunch Mother didn't seem herself, like a light stroke, speech garbled.  Open house for NV Emergency Squad, new 62,000 mile vehicle.

Wednesday 1992 - Worked at Lions Club Booth at Clinton County Implement Sale at Fairgrounds.  Sold about 600 sandwiches at $1 each, sausage more popular than burgers.  GHU was great today. 

Thursday 1993 - [Roberta visiting]

Friday 1994 - [Chicago IL to home?]

Saturday 1995 - [Chautauqua NY to home with Aunt Mary] Went to Farmers Market for breakfast.  Mad a stop at Quail Lakes Motel, quite nice.  Came into Cleveland on I-90 and got off at East 140th St, what a run down section of the city.  On Hessler Road several were out cleaning the gutters.  Ate at the Place on Bellflower [which in 2008 was undergoing a transformation and reopened at L'Albatros, property is owned by Case Western], had black beans and rice.  In Columbus Mary visited the Hortons, 19 were there, while we went to the Little Prof Book Store in Worthington Mall.  Got gas for 99.9¢/gal on US 62 south of Columbus.  Had a snack at Yummers, they have changed hands for the worse.  "C" [Chautauqua, presumably rather than Cleveland or Columbus] was a nice place to visit.  

Monday 1996 - Jean had meeting in Hamilton and met her at Wilmington P.L.  Because of building program couldn't get Consumer Reports issue so after supper at Bob Evans, we went to Blanchester P.L.  Got two dozen ears of corn at $2.50/dozen.  Democratic convention starts.  Replacing AC in GG's office.  Got our driveway and parsonage driveway coated.  (Dave Henderson did it again 7/99)

Wednesday 1998 - Went to see Betty Streber on legal business, then on to Ed Johnsons t take them to Murphin Ridge for lunch.  Ed was born 1/19/25.  Still have this cough and not too much energy.  Rained 1.1" last night.  C.H. [or C.A.?] Flint here to look at trees, $300 to top the two trees in fron t of parsonage.

Thursday 1999 - Jean had MD appointment then went to CMH for some tests, which turned out pretty good.  Crowsons in Nashville today.  Don has interview for position with Upper Room.  The Waco TX deal [Waco/Branch Davidian Siege:  In August, 1999, documents were uncovered which indicated that during the raid on the Branch Davidian compound, the FBI used a limited number of flammable tear gas canisters.] is back on the news.

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