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August 30, 1989-99

Copious Corn

HH's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1990 - Went to Wilmington P.L., then to ⃞ dance.  Jean Hendee got "the ring" on Tuesday from Larry Ferguson.  He is 56 and she is 62.  Got letter from Social Security that my monthly [amount] would be $960.  Had a little shower for Carolyn Rhonemous.  [she married Mike Smith on 9/1/90 and later married Donald Storer ~1996]

Friday 1991 - [Helsinki and Moscow trip]

Sunday 1992 - Had GHU here for lunch with the Hortons.  Went to see the Sisters Act, a movie about a gal who hid in a convent to escape the bad guy and pepped up the choir.  Bought corn on the way home for $1.50/dozen.

Monday 1993 - [Roberta leaves] Took Roberta back to Columbus, they no longer have parking meters at the airport.  Had ½ portion (that was enough) of pasta at Cookers on E. Main.  Had a hard time getting onto I-270, construction.  Did get to the play, Tecumseh, on time.  It was a full moon with a pretty outdoor stage, dirt which they wet down and make-believe hills on either side and the "Ohio River" behind the stage.  Tickets $11.  Lots of shooting in the drama.

Friday 1996 - We went to "the Beach" near King's Island at 6pm, they closed at 7pm.  Lots of long slides, the wave machine was on and off.  Admission was $6.95.  Ate at Perkins, slow service, but large portions.  I had baked potato with beef.  Cliff Cuffs came up and talked with us.  He left Ferno in 1986 and is now in Lebanon.

Saturday 1997 - [Morgans visiting] We went to Fort Hill, Jean walked to top and then made loop.  Had picnic there, about five other cars there.  Then to Serpent Mound, they have program ther e on Sunday before Labor Day.  Got a year's membership to Ohio places for $40 with a t-shirt.  Then to Rankin House and then to Moyer's at 5pm, four for $40.

Sunday 1998 - 50th Anniversary reception for Lou and Almeada Peters at their daughter's house (Mark Trampler's) on Clarksville Road just south of I-71, beautiful spot with a long driveway.  At the reception saw a lot of ⃞ dance folks, Alonzo and Margaret Gibbs went to Aiken SC three years ago and now all excited about Elderhostel programs.  Nice visit with Ed and Dorothy Bailey, also Bob and Pate Miles -- he is going to CMH for tests.  Article in today's NYT about cooking schools.  Recognized the Fire Department and the Medical Volunteers at Church today, so about 140 there.  Church has closed off the basement window to the west.  John Harner brought us about 30 ears of corn.  Told how difficult it is to work with his Dad.
MV added in 2010: 
1996: Cliff Cuffs left Ferno (AKA Ferno Washington), headquarters at airbase that mfgs. healthcare and/or emergency equipment.

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