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August 28, 1989-99

Morgans host exchange student

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - Kathi McIntosh starts at GHU's.  She is to be there at 6:30 to get up, then at 1 to go to bed, 3 to get up, 8:30 for bed time and 12 for toilet time.

Tuesday 1990 - Now Kathy wants to work 6 hours a day during the week.  Went to Cincinnati today, to start Carroll estate.  Parked behind the library.  Ate lunch at Arnold's Bar & Grill.  Gas 126.9¢, Honda turns 3300 miles.

Wednesday 1991 - Mother quite sleepy, did eat the grapes.  Got six stumps chewed up, $75, less than ½ hour.

Saturday 1993 - [Roberta visiting] Roberta, Serena and John went over to see Grandma.  We went to the Rocky Fork Restaurant for lunch, a family from Chillicothe is running it.  Liver and onions were $4.95 while the buffet was $8.25.  The Hortons drove there on their own.  We went to Fort Hill, nice museum there.  Roberta and I [or J] walked the Fort Trail, a good hour, believe the sign said 4 miles.  Nellie Roush [wife of Everett?] VERY contrary.

Monday 1995 - Vision 2000 meeting but minister did not show up.  GG went to Dr. about her ear problem.  Got Elderhostel acceptance for trip to eastern Europe next June.

Wednesday 1996 - Morgans hosting an exchange student from Switzerland [Petra] this school year.  Went to Dr. H, to have cataract surgery.  Got order of sale on Zurface.

Thursday 1997 - [Morgans visiting] Went to Wilmington and ate at Walkers.

Friday 1998 - Went to Hillsboro on legal business, then had 11:15 appointment at CMH for an echo cardiogram, there about ½ hour, very painless, they read these waves in your heart, can even hear the beep of the valves.  Got gas for 92.9¢.  Looking at Wells annual report, I'm ready to have an auction.  The personnel are always pointing their finger at someone else.  MO raised their dividend to 44¢ from 40¢.  Market down 350 points.

Saturday 1999 - Jean still sort of pep-less, she did eat a half pizza for lunch.  Breaking ground for new Senior Citizen Building in Wilmington.

Added in 2010:

1996 - The name was Zurface [corrected]. Turned out to be a good estate. The family had two brothers who were not particularly friendly, and the one brother who was the original executor passed away before we got things wound up, then his daughters wanted to be the executors as did the other brother so there was litigation about that. The two daughters, who I represented, did prevail.

1989 - Always a problem in getting people to take care of GHU. They wouldn't show up, or someone else created this and that problem not to mention the area of food.

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