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August 7, 1989-99

American Bar Association

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - [Hawaii for ABA, Home and Garden Tour, three hour tour of three of the loveliest homes and most elegantly landscaped gardens in Honolulu, $25.]

Tuesday 1990 - [Chicago with GG and Annie for ABA to home]  Breakfast and lunch in our room.  Left Chicago at 3pm, supper at Chi-Chi's in Indianapolis and got to NV 8 hours after leaving Chicago.

Friday 1992 - [to San Francisco for ABA] Leave for SF for the Bar Meeting, flight at 7:10 from Columbus, much cheaper than from Cincinnati.  We are paying $145 for round trip.  Had lunch at the Cliff House, then tour through Golden Gate Park.  Had rooms 602 and 603 at the Alexander Inn (1-star) for $52/night, including continental breakfast.  It was OK. 

Saturday 1993 - [Ashland OR for Elderhostel: Last Call! A Week at the Theater to Gold Beach OR] Had two nights reservations at Tu Tu Tun Lodge (4-stars), a very low key luxury place for $115/night + $10 for breakfast and $30 for supper, way too much food, but a great piece of lamb with cauliflower souffle.

Sunday 1994 - Altar flowers in honor of Jack and Virginia Walker, a surprise to them, their 47th Anniversary.  Cris and Laura made it to church.

Monday 1995 - [Roberta visiting] Took Roberta to Columbus for flight to Phoenix, had supper at Clarmont Restaurant on South High, a nice place that we hadn't been to in years.  [Opened in 1947, possibly still open, website says now in "56th year" which would have been 2003.]  Stopped at Jeffersonville Mall and got 9 packages of bagels at 99¢ each.   Roberta and Jean worked on back bedroom at GHU's. 

Wednesday 1996 - [Essex, Montana for Family Reunion at Glacier National Park until 8/8/96]

Thursday 1997 - [Amazon Camp Peru] Market below was set up by 6am, about 25 came, either by walking or by canoe and all were gone by 7:30.  They don't waste any time.  Staff here of 28 people. 

Saturday 1999 - Action Singers Reunion [name tag attached] at our Church.  About 150 present.  Served Pork, beans, tomatoes, salad, hot dogs, and plenty of sweets.  We were on the committee but the Mahanes and the Thornburgs were the real workers.  Had a big tent and was well organized.  Got new rim on back wheel of bike, tire and tube, $69.

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