Monday, August 23, 2010

Aug. 23, 1989-99 Wendy eats shrimp and steak

Dad's Diary 1988-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - MUH went with us to Hillsboro Episcopal Church where they had a "dress rehearsal" of Taming of the Shrew.  Daniel Lord and two others were the whole cast.

Thursday 1990 - [Roberta leaves] Serena left for breakfast library meeting at Fairborn.  Jean took Roberta to meet the Goodings for lunch, then Roberta flew back to Phoenix.  Raspberries coming on strong.  Mowed the grass and trimmed low limbs on trees in the back.

Friday 1991 - Lots of apples and pears.  Hortons got new refrigerator at GHU's.  $557.29.

Sunday 1992 - Had Deuteronomy 29-30 to teach in SS lesson.  GHU very good today.  Ate at Ponderosa.  The Donald Bernards went with us to Hillsboro to see Steel Magnolias at the Cut and Curl Beauty Shop.  Bernards have been going to Florida for seven years.  Talked with Donna Hardin re her trip to South Africa. 

Monday 1993 - [Wendy visiting] Went to the Court House while Jean and Wendy went up to look at Antioch College.  Had supper at Ponderosa.  Wendy ordered both shrimp and steak.

Tuesday 1994 - [Newark] John had invited us to a seminar at the Newark Country Club at 7:45, sponsored by PNB.  About 20 people present.  John made the introduction.  Paul Ward spoke about estate planning.  Got form at Franklin County Probate Court, 22nd floor, for Elsie Fullerton Estate.  Bought wool slacks at Brooks Bros. outlet mall for $49 (50% off.)

Wednesday 1995 - [to Chautauqua NY with Aunt Mary] MUH left with us for Chautauqua NY at 8:30 and got there about 3:30, 350 miles.  Lots of construction around Erie PA.  We had reservations at Carey Cottage, doubles are $81, very convenient to the Auditorium.  We had Room 208 and Mary at 202.  Had supper at Sadie J's.  Evening program was Diane Bish, organist at the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale.  She was terrific.  We had a special gate admission, still $27 per person for admission price.

Friday 1996 - Hard rain, we needed it.  Went to Sankers, MUH went with us.  Had beef stroganoff.  Bill took us for a ride in his '35 Ford Coupe with rumble seat.  Saw two videos on car history, a 59-day trip across the US in 1909 by four gals.  Got home at midnight.

Saturday 1997 - [Naples FL]

Sunday 1998 -  Had SS lesson, 2nd Peter 2:13 to end of chapter.  Met at Shaffers at 1pm for picnic, we were home by 6pm.  They had two gas grills.

Monday 1999 - Got appointment at 1:30 with Dr. Glick.  Said Jean had a urinary tract infection so she got a shot and a new prescription.  We were there for two hours.  At 8pm tonight she seemed to be feeling better.

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