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August 4, 1989-99

Welcome Andrew!

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - [Honolulu Hawaii for ABA]

Saturday 1990 - [Merrillville Indiana to Chicago with GG and Annie for ABA]  Left GG and Annie at the Museum of Science and Industry, they came to the Hyatt later on the bus.  We got the key to the John Hancock building and visited the Palmer House, our first experience with the Hilton Senior Citizen deal, $60, Room 16-207, two double beds and 2 bathrooms.  Had supper at Convito Italiano at 11 E. Chestnut [only restaurant with that name now is in Chicago suburb of Wilmette] and lunch at Ed Debevic's, oh the signs in there. 

Sunday 1991 - Ed Johnson spoke on "pride in work", the reason for working.  Had Mother here for lunch and she sort of fed herself.  

Wednesday 1993 - [Ashland OR for Elderhostel: Last Call! A Week at the Theater] Midsummer's Night Dream.

Thursday 1994 - [home to Batesville IN] After Jean's therapy we drove to Batesville IN after first seeing Serena in Hamilton and seeing Western Retirement area.  Had lunch at Jake's in Fairfield.  Staying at the Sherman House where the Morgans are also for their RV business get together.  Had supper at the hotel. 

Friday 1995 - Went to Columbus to meet John, Julie and Kate who had gotten Roberta at the airport.  Met at Schiller Park in German Village.  School built in 1874.  Very nice playground and pretty flowers.   I-71 is one lane for 10 miles, very slow.  Finally had a nice rain.  Planted lettuce in AM.

Sunday 1996 - [Essex, Montana for Family Reunion at Glacier National Park until 8/8/96]  Left at 9:15 for Two Medicine trails, divided into three groups: 1) the hikers, 2) the middle group, and 3) easy hike.

Monday 1997 - [Amazon Camp Peru] Meals at 8, 1, and 7.  Got 2 shirts, $12 and $18.  At 6am there was a boat ride and then at 9:30 went for boat ride and hike to a lake where we saw the big birds.  The guide carries a machete and makes plenty of walking sticks.  Amazing how low the river is, [rainy season is November through May] lots of big sticks along the bank.  At 8:30pm we took an hour boat ride, very comfortable then, saw owls and caught a 3' alligator. 

Tuesday 1998 - [Toronto Ontario Canada for American Bar Association to Stratford Ontario] Hard to check out of Guild Hall, no record of our supper charges.  Went to Ontario Science Museum, lots of hands-on exhibits, such as making paper.  Had lunch there.  Left at 3 for Stratford, missed the Rt. 8 turnoff, did have very nice room #194 at the Festival Inn.  Had quick supper then to the Avon Theater $62/each, had trouble staying awake.  Full house for "Much Ado About Nothing."

Wednesday 1999 - Betty Ashcraft called at 3pm said John, Julie, Kate and Andrew were en route from Atlanta, so we rushed to be at the airport in Columbus at 4:30.  Quite a group to greet them.  Andrew was a year old on July 18.  We were there about an hour and then went to see the Thompsons.  He seems about the same, lots of shaking.  She is on her second year of leasing the pick-up truck.  Stopped for supper at Cracker Barrel.

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