Thursday, August 11, 2011

August 12, 1989-99

Home again (except for Machu Picchu)

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 -  MV has left for a week trip to the Carolina coast.  We rode 10 miles on bike.

Sunday 1990 - Went to Harvest House Restaurant in Hillsboro, plenty of quantity.  Art and Virginia Bernard's 50th Anniversary at the NV Senior Citizens.

Monday 1991 - Hortons up for supper.  Jean fixed the fish that we had shipped to us from Alaska.  Made home made ice cream.  Joe stayed until midnight, we did buy two paintings from him, the mail boxes and the high valley scene.  Mares called, Wes is doing great in tennis and they are having trouble with Larry's Mother, Zoe.  Chas Lewis and Terry [last name?] started painting roof on old Church building.   [Assume that would be the former Quaker church at 3rd and Church Sts.]

Wednesday 1992 - Felt tired today [got home last night at midnight from SF].  GHU not wide awake but ate cantaloupe well.

Thursday 1993 - [First day back in NV after two weeks in Oregon] Busy day at the office.  GHU seems about the same, weight is 94#.

Friday 1994 - Van Guilder [?] auction sale in Blanchester.  Visited Thelma King there in nursing home, she had broken her hip.

Saturday 1995 - We took some of GHU surplus to a garage sale for Pregnancy Crisis Center on 73 west of Wilmington.  Then to the library and Extended Care, then to movie at 5pm ($2.25 each) $5 after 6pm.  Movie was "Babe" about a talking pig who turned into a sheep herder, filmed in New South Wales.  Got milk at Bob And Carls for 69¢ per half gallon.  Talked with Ginny on the phone who asked "What are you doing?"  Mowed the grass for first time since end of June.

Tuesday 1997 - [Cuzco to Machu Picchu Peru] Left for Machu Picchu, stayed at the hotel at the ruins.

Wednesday 1998 - Went to see Betty Streber in regards to Bo's estate.  Then ate at Rocky Fork Restaurant, had sandwiches, $4.50, small tossed salad was $2.25, lemonade, etc., $1.40.  Then we went to see Evie Johnson.  Ed was at Ohio Northern.  Brian is working at K-Mart pharmacy.  Dan and Rita love Naples.  Ed still had 3 churches – Prospect and two others.  Gas was 97.9¢ in Hillsboro.

Thursday 1999 - Email from Don Crowson, he is one of three candidates for this job in Nashville.  MV has applied for job in Lexington.

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