Friday, August 20, 2010

Aug. 20, 1989-99 Jean not up to par

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - Eloise S. taught SS class, what a long 45 minutes.  We went to the Parker House in Hillsboro, buffet $6.75, really good.

Monday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Melissa Holbrook _______ came up with her dog.  She is talking about starting a restaurant in Cincinnati.

Thursday 1992 - Reading a book about 100 best stocks to buy.  PM was at top of list. 

Friday 1993 - [to KY] We left about 1pm for Lexington to meet the Crowsons.  Brief stop at Sankers, he is going to have Flints come down and "chew" up the tree stump.  Had reservations at Greentree Motel, the hospital rate at $30/night.  Had supper with Harvey and Marguerite ___________ at Pomeroy's [?] on Tates Creek Road, a noisy place, though reasonable.  Got gas for 99.9¢.  Honda turned 62,000

Saturday 1994 - Billy [or Betty?] Walker brought us some corn.  They are talking about moving back to town.  Trimmed shrubbery around the house.  Got Elderhostel catalog supplement.  Jean processed four heads of cabbage.  Heard from John, MV and Roberta about getting the stock.  Went to Highland UMC for Ice Cream Social.  Honda turns 78,000 miles.

Sunday 1995 - SSCC had open house in Hillsboro.  Kent Walker was on the ball team.  Program by the Columbus Zoo.  K-Mart had milk for 99¢ for the first gallon.

Tuesday 1996 - We went to Cincinnati for hearing test.  I need one, but wasn't happy, what with her old business card, waiting until receptionist got there.  We met Serena at Joseph Beth's book store and had lunch at Chesters Road House, entrees were $8.95, iced tea $1.50.  Serena gets her $'s worth.  Spent afternoon at the Book Store, got Michelin California book and LA map.  Had supper at Boston Chicken.  Got home about 8pm. 

Wednesday 1997 - [Lake Worth to Sanibel Island FL] Drove to FL's west coast, had reservations at West Wind Inn on Gulf Drive.  Really great library facility here and on Captiva.

Thursday 1998 - Got 40 hamburger and 20 ostrich burgers at Saeger's for $49.95 for the get together this weekend.  Got some Robitussin DM for my mucus.  Pulled weeds in front of W. C. of C. [Wilmington Chamber of Commerce?] Nice article in WNJ about Hugh Heiland, Director of Theater from 1947-1986 at Wilmington College.  Told how they used to have practice in the gym after the basketball practice and they turned down the heat.

Friday 1999 - [to Columbus] We went to Columbus for CLE program at OSBA builiding, can now fill in the forms with pen.  Had lunch at the first restaurant on West 5th.  Jean not up to par – no pep, no appetite and wants to sleep most of the time.  Had reservations at Radisson North, got through the internet on Price Line for $50.  Room #372.  Supper at Cameron's on 161, just west of 315.

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