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1936 & 1944 trips - California and Florida

I don't recall a journal in our fall 1936 trip to CA.  Just stops in Columbia, Mo to see Aunt Luna, then in NM the police helping us get out of "A" [Albuquerque] because of the lack of road signs.  In LA  we stayed in some hotel to visit Aunt Serena and I learned to ride a bike on Wilshire Blvd.  Spent Christmas in LA and ate at Clifton's Cafeteria.  Then eating too many raw dates and the bad results on our way to FL.  We were in LA area for Christmas and then on to Florida.  Dad being in the construction business wanted to see the then new Hoover Dam, plus some bridge in New Orleans.  They had either a Lincoln or a Packard with electric windows -- that was quite a novelty in l936.  The previous winter or so we had stopped at different places around FL and believe it was just having people they knew from Clinton County that wintered in Lake Worth is the reason we ended up in LW.  I think Dad did most all the driving, but uncertain as to the status of MUH [whether she went, or whether she drove?  She would have been 23 in 1936].

[Arizona, presumably December 1936 or January 1937 - Image Unavailable]

[HHU on left and friend ~1937 - Image Unavailable]
In 1944, Bill Horton was in WA state and Mary and I drove out in his 1936 (?) Chevrolet.  The front bumper came off which we fixed with some wire.  The first night out was Madison, WI and a night at Old Faithful, which was pretty well shut down and they were down to unisex rest rooms.

[Photo above of HHU, September 1944 in the Badlands]
One of the first things I recall about arriving in Palo Alto, [in the fall of 1944 to attend Stanford] after hitch hiking from the Seattle Area, where Bill Horton was at Ft. Lewis, was the prices -- i.e. that CA salad was 75 cents, while in our area of Ohio that was the price of a whole big meal. You know in Cleveland [attending Western Reserve] I had to eat every meal on my own (there were no dorms) and the going price was 50 cents and by buying a package of ten meals we got 10% off.  As a depression kid a dollar was a big deal.

Christmas season of 1944 I spent with the CA relatives.  One of Aunt Serena's daughter's husband had a small hog farm and we would go to the day old bakery and get a pick-up load of old bread for the hogs.  More positive we did go to the Rose Bowl parade.  Of her five children only Leslie had two children.

That Junior year in Cleveland (1945-46), attending Adelbert College, I lived much closer to the campus (the apt. where your Mother also had a much larger room and then she and Jean Campbell moved into an apt of their own up the street) and about a  block from my cousin Rudledge's home.  He and his wife were both attorneys.  [Dad, I'm sure there are many more details which would interest us regarding the college years.  Keep thinking about what else you can share...]
[Photo below from left, HHU, GHU, MUH, CJU ~1944 between house and garage in New Vienna]
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Catherine said...

Dad told me later that he worked at the Dining Hall while at Sanford, and reached his all time high weight at that time. Lots more details could be added regarding this time period, which I'll try to do if I can find either more notes and or get more info from Dad.

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