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Aug. 21, 1989-99 John undecided

Notes from Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Monday 1989 - We met John at Brown Derby at Eastland at 5pm.  Several dinners for $5.95.  John was to meet International Students in Newark, now he is undecided whether to go with Frontiers or International Teams.  Got Sundaes at McDonalds in Jeffersonville, 85¢ each.  Hard rain the last 10 miles. 

Wednesday 1991 - Don Bernards came in and we visited re our trip to Alaska.  They have a great scrapbook. 

Friday 1992 - Heard through a returned envelope that Dorothy Ann Terrell had passed away on 8/7/92 in Chicago on the street they were holding the body.  Rosemary called from Germany.  Hortons left to visit Mares, etc.  Serena called about her new phone # and address. 

Saturday 1993 - [Lexington to Frankfort KY to home] Motel has continental breakfast.  We went to the Fayette Mall, they have a new upscale addition.  In the Disney store are neckties for $28, nice McAlpin's.  [McAlpin's bought out by Dillard's in 1998.]  Lunch at the Lexington Green, then to the bookstore.  Left there about 2pm visiting the floral clock, the present capitol and the old capitol in Frankfort.  Supper at Bob Evans at I-75 and Buttermilk Pike.  Stopped a new Kroger store off 28.

Sunday 1994 - Rev. Johnson had baptisms at Leesburg Roadside Park, then we went to Greenfield to see Ed Kantnor who is having therapy at the Greenfield Hospital for his knee replacement.  Went to Hillsboro UMC for another ice cream supper, both voluntary offering.   Then the play 3x3x3 at Weaster plant [?] in Hillsboro. 

Wednesday 1996 - MUH went to Lithopolis with the NV Senior Citizens.  Had Bible study here.

Thursday 1997 - [Sanibel Island to Naples FL] Stayed at Hampton Inn in Naples, supper at Palm Restaurant, then visited David Johnson, looked at videos of his Dad preaching here here and greeting people.  They are in a large golf development.

Saturday 1999 - [Columbus to home] Had breakfast at McDonald's, what a line at 9am.  Drove by the Polaris shopping development, new Barnes and Noble.  Visit to Worthington PL, they have a new library in NW part of town.  Had lunch at Clarmont Steak House, their 50th year, a BIG bowl of bean soup.  Drove by Thurber's house on Jefferson Street.  Another time we will try to find that "herb garden."  Talked with the Larry Hind's [?] in Aldi's, their son is moving to the "gold area of California."  Bought bunch of pop for the Shaffer get together tomorrow.  8pm and Jean is in bed, hope she is better tomorrow.

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Catherine said...

From Dad: In 1992 I was guardian for Dorothy Ann Terrell and it was up to me to send her a check every month from her funds and with power to send extra $ if I thought it was necessary. She was always having an emergency AND the need for extra money. She reported me to the state ethics commission (they never found anything wrong) whenever I said no to requests for the extra funds.

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