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August 19, 1989-99

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HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - Mowed grass, first time in 3 weeks.  Took the Jim Allens (he is 54) and George Shaffers (he is 60, she is 57) to Harry Allens in Cincinnati in our van.  Shower at UMC for Nancy Henderson Hamilton [this was probably a baby shower as her daughter, Lisa, was born in 1989], they live in Dayton, near Beaver Creek.]

Sunday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] The nine of us went to Wooden Spoon, $5.95 each.  Betty Terrell called, putting Paul in a nursing home in Hillsboro. 

Monday 1991 - Rita Johnson is 39 today.  PPR meeting, moved to have Rev. Johnson return.  Upset in USSR today, wonder about our trip?  [From Wikipedia: The 1991 Soviet coup d'état attempt (August 19–21, 1991), also known as the August Putsch or August Coup was an attempt by a group of members of the Soviet Union's government to take control of the country from Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev.]

Wednesday 1992 - Republican convention on in Houston.  Marilyn Quayle and Barbara Bush both spoke.  [Clinton-Gore won the 1992 election.]  Put dirt around end of pole across the street.

Friday 1994 - Had our drive way coated, $120.  Henry Harend (?) and Mark Tague [?] here, possible Wells interest.  Had big bonfire across the street last night.

Saturday 1995 - [Newark to home]  Left John and Julie's about 1pm.  Made a brief stop at the Wexner Museum in Columbus, then to Mall on US 35 and I-71, got light tan pants at Brooks Bros. then had supper at Highland UMC.  Kim called about graduation from OSU for their two children.  Roberta promoting trip to Australia in October 1996, got packet of material for China trip next month.

Tuesday 1997 - [Lake Worth FL] Breakfast at Lake Worth Beach, always good.  They have formal dinner in evening.  Lorraine Marco Basco joined us, I recall her from 1936, her husband (2nd marriage) Fred died 10/96.  Talked of her fast walks, thought she was overdressed, finger nail polish, etc.  She and a friend are going to Greek Isles.

Wednesday 1998 - Grant Douglas and Dennis Smalley here re Wells.  Jean seems to have no pep.

HH added in 2010: 
Both Jim [1934-2005] and Harry Allen [1908-1998] have passed away.
In 1997 I knew Lorraine from elementary school in FL.
In 1994 and 98 I had forgotten how long we had tried "to move" Wells. Thanks to John in the trust dept., he knew someone who knew someone who didn't know much about the toy business. Think they are down to one employee in NV.
In 1990 Do you remember we use to go to Terrells and get milk?  lt was not homogenized at 60 cents a gallon and made ice cream from that cream. [I do remember that we got milk, cottage cheese, etc. delivered to the door even after we moved into the new house in 1957, but seems it ended shortly after that. That "raw" milk was quite a bit different than the non-fat drink of today, but I'm sure made far better ice cream.]

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