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August 11, 1989-99

Wedding Bells for John & Julie

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - [home from Hawaii] Changed planes in Chicago.  John Hardin finished up our sewer hook up, $631.  The facing on our flower bed "fell off."  Parking charges at airport were $27.

Saturday 1990 - Bill Burns is "smoothing" off dirt across the street from us.  Went to Wilmington, exchanged camera, then to WCH, had supper at Terrace Lounge, buffet $8.95.  Jean is looking around for place for October Mother's Club guest night to meet.  Then to Ames (used to be G.C. Murphy) who is having a 50% off going out of business sale.  Bought a brownish Pierre Cardin silk necktie for $3.50, a Pauly and Forbes white shirt for $4.50 and a Botany 500 dress shirt for $6.50.
Sunday 1991 - John joined us in going to Church at 2nd Presbyterian.  Roberta checked on GHU.  We had ordered room service for our group which was better than we had expected.  Three kinds of juice, mixed fresh fruit, bagels and cheese and sweet rolls.  Roberta arrived in Newark at 1:00 with GHU, MV and Don (who had gotten out of the hospital at 10am).  A very beautiful wedding with reception at the Hotel, then a buffet supper at the Ashcrafts.  Their neighbor, The Bogs [?] are real talkers.  The Walkers drove Mother and Sadie back to Hillsboro.  The Goodings and Sankers both made it, plus the Williams from here and the Walkers.  Amazed at Steve Weiss's memory.  John kissed Mother as he came out for the wedding.

Tuesday 1992 - [San Francisco for ABA to home] Returned from SF via Salt Lake City and Cleveland.  We got home at midnight.  The Walker luggage ended up in Cleveland.

Wednesday 1993 - [McMinnville OR to home] Visit to George Fox University [which Roberta attended ~1970], then to Oregon City where we visited the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center.

Thursday 1994 - Serena took Joe to the airport in Cincinnati at 7:15 and then Cris took the Rob Horton family to Indianapolis airport.

Sunday 1996 - Jean going through family history.  This young man spoke at length at Church.

Monday 1997 -  [Cuzco Peru] Took taxi into town, 2 sols (2.6 sols = $1).  Form letter from NV City Council as to whether to keep Chief of Police or create a new position.

Wednesday 1999 - Ted telling me that National Latex credit is getting worse.

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