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August 6, 1989-99

Uncle Bill takes last breath

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - [Hawaii for ABA, invitation to President's Reception included: entertainment. music, dancing, and encounters with natives from Samoa, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, Tahiti, Tonga, Japan, China and the Philippines will be the highlights of the reception to be held on the grounds of the Sheraton Waikiki and the Royal Hawaiian Hotels.] Prayer breakfast ($20) at Hawaii State Capitol.  Took walking tour of downtown Honolulu, then lunch at Marie Callender's.

Monday 1990 - [Chicago with GG and Annie for ABA]  Parked on the street, $5 until 7pm.  Had reservations at the Pump Room, $111 for the four of us.  Very nice and plenty of ice cubes always being added.  We were there two hours.  Oh yes, the Pump Room has the world's smallest Hot Fudge Sundae, $1.49, in four little cups: nuts, ice cream, sauce and whipped cream.

Thursday 1992 - V.P. Quayle in Wilmington, flew in and then had three limos for the group.  GHU is showing new pep.

Friday 1993 - [Ashland OR for Elderhostel: Last Call! A Week at the Theater] We got tickets on the ground for Anthony and Cleopatra, one was in the 2nd row, the other was the top row.  A three hour play with one intermission.

Saturday 1994 - [Vevay IN to home] Picked up Joe at the airport, went to the hospital.  Bill is really out of it.  Did have lunch in coffee shop at 2pm.  We left at 3:30 with MUH, Cindy, Laura (Cris's daughter) with us.  Bill passed away at 7pm with the four children there.  They got home about 10pm.

Sunday 1995 - [to Kentucky and back, Roberta visiting] We left about 7am with Bert and Aunt Mary.  Oh the traffic at Mile 124, van turned over (4 fatalities with sheets over them).  So got to Somerset at end of Church.  Went to Crowsons for soup and salad, then the recital was at 3pm.  Had to go back to Crowsons as Roberta left her billfold there.  Then about Mile 145 more heavy traffic (another accident) so got over to US-25 at Corinth and got Mary to the airport for flight to Harrisburg with 10 minutes to spare.  Snack at White Castle, $4.96 for the three of us. 

Tuesday 1996 - [Essex, Montana for Family Reunion at Glacier National Park until 8/8/96]  Another big breakfast.  Serena talking of Cuckoo Clock we had – we have no memory.  [I remember that clock!  Seems like it was in the Recreation Room for awhile and then the dining room or vice-versa.]  White water rafting [water was extremely cold]. 

Wednesday 1997 - [Amazon Camp Peru] Hiked through woods to a big kapok tree where the guide used a sling shot to put rope over a limb some 80' up, then a little rope to put your foot in.  After supper had "Hayman" [Shaman?] who mixed up wild brew with fire water and scraping off some root and he blew cigarette smoke into it.  Then he went around to each person and waved it around this dried plant leaf on to which he blew smoke.  The dance after that was a good mixer.

Thursday 1998 - Busy day at the office. [John] McKibbin lock box opening.

Friday 1999 - Doris Martin down with her Aunt's problems.  Called up several people on Free Friday.  Helen Kuntzman has been having her medical problems, MUH said she fell asleep watching TV and then was so stiff when she got up she could hardly walk.  She's now using a cane.

MV added in 2010:  The cuckoo clock must have been prior to the infamous trip of 1962 that so many in the family expect me to remember. :D
Serena added in 2010: Ummmm . . . actually I *think* cuckoo clock was bought in 1954 - before even I was born. (But not before the elder(ly) sisters.)  I have clear memories of the clock in the recreation room. Both M&D were sure I was imagining things (again). Then I found the photo - with the cuckoo clock in the recreation room.

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