Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Aug. 17, 1989-99 Uible family get-together at Woody's

Dad's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1990 - [Roberta visiting] Jean has cholesterol tested, now down to 198.  Roberta took Ruth Shoemaker to dinner at the Denver House.  Donna Brown's birthday.  Anne Louise brought us a beautiful watermelon filled with fruit, nails on the end so the fruit could flow over.  The painters, Charlie Lewis, finally came to Mother's House, $10/hour.

Saturday 1991 - Got the rocks across the street leveled out and some dirt to cover them.  Woody and Barbara Uible invited us down to their house in Indian Hills.  They had just finished an addition.  The Hortons went with us and we picked up Jane and Howard Uible.  He is 82 [and died in 2010] and Dick Uible is 78 [he died 2007].  Dick and Verna have six daughters and three sons.  Carol, their oldest is 47 and her husband, John Moeller, live in North Bend, Ohio.  He [John] was celebrating his 50th birthday.  Sally [the third daughter, married to Billy Helms] teaches 2nd grade is Tuscaloosa AL.  Woody and Barbara had put in a new driveway, the three children were out front to greet us.  Cleaned the walk around Wells.  Had phone call from John.

Monday 1992 -  PharMore filed for bankruptcy, just 10 years since they started, now have 300 stores and $3 billion in sales.

Tuesday 1993 - Ed and Evie Johnson invited us down, off Harriet Road on to Sinking Springs Road, a lovely site which they bought 21 years ago.  Their son Brian is building across the road.  Ed will be 69 in January and he wants to quit the pastorate next June.  This is his 6th year.  Met John, Julie, Kate and Wendy at Engine House #8 in Columbus for supper at 6:45.  Their air conditioning was broken down.  About $80 for the five of us.

Wednesday 1994 - Spoke with Tom Sullivan about Ted's rough letter writing.  Our Lions Club worked at the Clinton County Implement Sale.  I was there 11-1.  Probate Court in Wilmington getting new lights.

Thursday 1995 - [to Newark] Drove to Newark.

Saturday 1996 - Got bike helmet for Jean at K-Mart, $21.95.  Arby's had 5 patty melts for $4.

Sunday 1997 - [Lima Peru to Miami FL] Flew to Miami, stayed at Red Roof Inn.

Monday 1998 - Got canceled dental appointment, my right molar had a big cavity.  We went on to Dayton to file Wilder Trust suit.  Had lunch at Peasant Stock.   Visited the big book store but no purchases.  [President] Clinton faces Grand Jury, heavy dose on the TV.  Donna Brown's birthday.

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