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August 10, 1983,89-99

Wedding Rehearsal and Funerals

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1983 - Virginia (Jean's sister) passed away.  [Virginia Ballantyne Dailey born in New Cumberland on August 22, 1914, died at the age of 68 at the Sky View Terrace Nursing Home in Pittsburgh PA.  Funeral was held at the Stephens Funeral Home in Pittsburgh on Saturday, August 13.  Her husband, James F. Dailey, originally from Steubenville, died July 27, 1965 at the age of 55.]

Thursday 1989 - [Hawaii for ABA to airplane to mainland] Went for AM swim, had breakfast in the room (Miramar Hotel, Room 1204, $60), made good use of the refrigerator.  Took #2 bus to 'Iolani Palace for tour at 9:30, $4 each.  Jean got free bus pass, regular fare is 60¢.  Visited the Capitol, had courtesy phone in Lt. Governor's office.  Jean thought she had lost her billfold but found it in the luggage here in NV.  Airport bus is $5, took 20 minutes.  Brought pineapple and papayas back.

Friday 1990 -  The C.J. Moore's invited us out to dinner, went to Deer Creek Lodge.  Jean had Orange Roughy, $12.95.  The Moores were married there in June 1985.  Double room rate is $78, after 11/1 through 3/31 is $68.

Saturday 1991 - Had to get flange on wheel chair fixed.  Met John at 2:30 at Granville Inn for place settings.  Checked in at Best Western Inn, #301 for $53/night.  Rehearsal at 5:30 and reception at 7, very nice buffet meal.  Bill Moore gave a toast.  John and Julie each introduced their friends.

Monday 1992 - [San Francisco for ABA] Went to Bar Meeting, also Wells Fargo museum which was interesting with the old stage coach there.  Jean was about walked out.  Went to WRU [Western Reserve] Law School open house at Pan Pacific Hotel, their 100th year.  Tuition is now $15,000 compared to $300 when I went there [~1947-49].  Had soup at Salmagundi and then cake at David's next door.

Tuesday 1993 - [Newport to McMinnville OR] Went for a walk on the black beach then breakfast.  Nice visit to aquarium and then supper in Lincoln City at the Dory Cove, a good value.   Then a "long drive" to the Flying M. Ranch with a McMinnville address, but actually some 20 miles from there, mostly on gravel roads, but we did make it.  Quite a big place once we got there.

Wednesday 1994 - Services for Bill at 11:30.  Don and Ed Johnson had the sermon, MV sang two songs and Larry gave a "summary."

Thursday 1995 - Went to Wilmington for court hearing, Jean to District Office to help.  Had lunch with the Bailey's at Bob Evans.  They have a number of $3.99 lunch specials.

Saturday 1996 - Went to Wilmington, got new razor (Braun) at Walmart.  Had supper at Samuel Walker's, just opened.  City chicken $13.95, dried beets on top of salad.

Sunday 1997 - [Cuzco Peru] Sightseeing – those close cut rocks are always interesting.

Tuesday 1999 - Elsie Satterfield's 92nd birthday.  Tom Gibson and Ann had lots of goodies, two cakes, cream puffs, celery, stuffed mushrooms, meat, cheese punch and coffee.  Carry (only original owner of condo in 1975) is 86.   She had brought lady from Wilmington.  Kyota [?] was there as were Mike and Shirley Puckett.  He teaches Industrial Arts in WCH.  He met her when she put a plastic sheet in a sandwich he ordered at a restaurant where she worked.  Letter from Holden.


From HH: In 1999 that was Holden Village, a place in central WA where we went on an Elderhostel. Quite remote, had to take a boat and then a ride in their bus to get there, which the Lutherans had taken over as a retreat, from an old mining site when the ore gave out.
MV: Don't remember the dates but didn't Serena Uible Reynolds live in Alaska for awhile and then briefly at Holden Village?  Will have to research it but thinking I saw a census or something with that info.

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