Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 18, 1989-99

Murphin Ridge opens

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - Jean had appointment at Main Medical.  Got new watch at Wil-Car [?], brown strap for $19.95, Timex Quartz.

Saturday 1990 -  [Roberta visiting] Tom Salisbury spoke at NVUMC Prayer Breakfast on his trip to Leningrad.  Lunch at Murphin Ridge, near Dunkinsville OH in Adams County.  They just opened this summer, have ten rooms, $70 for a single +$5 per extra, includes breakfast.  Quite a nice experience.  Mares, Robert and Wes arrived.  They have new Honda wagon.  Got our China tickets, Elderhostel catalog came.  Betty Terrell called several times.  Talked with Roberta about her nursing helper

Sunday 1991 - Mother seemed fine, she asked about some stock, never got it figured out.

Wednesday 1993 - [Wendy visiting] GHU now weighs 97 pounds.  She ate 100% of her lunch.  With Wendy we went to North Beach at Rocky Fork for a swim and a picnic.  Seems like it has been years since we went on a picnic.  Then a visit to Bo and Betty Strebers at the place they got in 1988 at 7530 North Shore Road.  They are resurfacing US 50 through Hillsboro.

Thursday 1994 - Charles Kurtz came from Philadelphia, he works with Larry Kintner, possible sale for Wells.  Ate lunch in NV, their lunch is $4.50

Friday 1995 - [Newark]  We babysat Kate, her parents went to Lancaster and had lunch at Shaw's.  In the evening we to the Chinese Restaurant in the Holiday Inn in Heath.  Visited new Target store.

Sunday 1996 - Had SS lesson, James 5:1-6.  Ate in Wilmington at Samuel Walker's brunch, out of the roof garden, $8.95 for seniors and $11.95 regular.  It wasn't worth it.  Then visited Ruth Shoemaker, Harry Allens, Dorothy Laughlin.  Barnabas program downtown.  Sid Clay spoke on the H.B.C. [?] then they had ice cream and big cookies.

Monday 1997 - [Miami FL to Lake Worth/Lantana after trip to Peru]  Visited Vizcaya and had lunch there.  Lots of cameo rings.  Drove to Lantana to see Mary.  We had the guest room at $40/night.

Wednesday 1999 - Another Linkhart hearing, now set for trial for 10/10 and 10/19.  Jean, Marie Cooper and Virginia Hildebrant went to volunteer at the hospital.  Marie's son Tom has a restaurant, Four Seasons, on a lake near Chippewa Falls.  Article in today's NYT about the restaurant, Tadich Grill founded in 1849, now 150 years old in San Francisco at 240 California Street.

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