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August 27, 1989-99

Kate in first video

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - Sunday School picnic promotion Sunday.  MV has recital at Port William Church.  Her singing does bring tears to our eyes.  UMC song fest 1:30-5pm.  Unleaded gas is 91.9¢/gal.

Tuesday 1991 - Went to Wilmington, they are looking for a new librarian.  Got letter from New Zealand, both Joe and Mary Hiestand have passed away [the New Zealand Joe and Mary, not the ones from Hillsboro].  Got the two pictures from Joe [Horton]. 

Thursday 1992 - Busy day at the office.  Went ⃞ dancing, we have been on 43 raids.  [According to Glossary of Square Dance Terms, a raid or "banner stealing" is "A planned visitation to another club, with enough attending club members present to "steal" the visited club's official banner.  Many areas use a single banner for their club, while other areas have many banners.]

Friday 1993 - [Roberta visiting] John, Julie and Kate came for supper.  They have their first video of Kate.  She puts out a nice smile.  Serena also here, she is looking good.  James Terrell in office, he thinks an emergency.

Saturday 1994 - Took MUH to Cincinnati airport for flight to Albuquerque, where Joe and Roberta will meet her.  Got windshield "rubbers" replaced at the Honda dealer in Florence.  We had lunch at Ryans Steak House, just east of the Hilton on Turfway.  Went to Office Max at Eastgate Mall, place just opened this summer and got new Brothers Word Processing machine.  Oh yes, got gas in KY for 96.9¢, 117.9¢ here in Ohio.  New bypass about to open on 28 just east of I-275

Sunday 1995 - Article in NYT about what is doing in Cleveland Ohio, new "Rock" museum to open there.

Tuesday 1996 - Calling hours for Mary Etta Penn.

Wednesday 1997 - Morgans arrived, went to GHU's and sort of cleaned house.

Friday 1999 - Jean went back to CMH for a sonogram, ate at Jay's, cup of soup and sandwich $4.95.  Jean had onion soup.

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