Thursday, August 10, 2006

Phoenix Public visit, fruit day, WJ, etc.

Well, after escaping the rising heat at 12834 had the Senior Breakfast at Coco's - although I wasn't old enough. Roberta said that I was old enough by association . . . or contamination or something. Then Catherine picked me up after a brief stop at 8819 and GPL, we headed toward downtown.

We stopped at some market - name of which I've forgotten. It was pretty interesting. Wednesday is fruit day - all kinds of great buys - bananas or peaches $.25 per pound, mangoes 6 for $1.00 and lots of other good looking fruit and good prices. There were LOTS of people there - mostly Spanish speaking. Thursday is meat day, but I really didn't look at the prices. Would be a fun store to look around some more, but (1) the store was really crowded and (2) we were limited on time as we were on the way to Catherine's meeting. We probably bought at least 10 pounds of fruit plus a dozen of eggs (for me - $.69 for dozen). Catherine carried everything in her bag up to library meeting so that everything wouldn't dry up into a mess in the car.

I walked up to the fifth floor to see the view and architecture, etc. - quite interesting. Then I went to the restroom to see the wall lights that Dad said just had to be seen. I didn't see anything even vaguely remarkable. Walked down to the 2nd floor (where the other restrooms are) and still didn't see anything remarkable. Well the sinks/pig troughs were sorta cool. Then looked around some more on the first floor. Towards the time I was meeting Catherine I walked back up to the fifth floor to check to see if my eyesight had improved any since first look. I still didn't find anything of interest. I did finally ask a librarian and she started rambling on about the solstice, the windows, blah, blah. And we walked over to the bathroom. Then she said, "Oh, they don't seem to be working. I'm glad you asked about them. We probably ought to let somebody know about that." So, in summary the great lights weren't on when I was visiting the library, but I did get some good exercise in. Don't know if Catherine needed to use her new 20 pound weights yesterday after her fruit workout.

Oh, also used my laptop at PPL, got an okay wireless connection.

Then went to somebody's house with Roberta and Sid where we celebrated somebody's birthday and wished somebody well who was going back to Zimbabwe. We ate fruit, pizza and salad. A few faces looked familiar, but names escape me.

Tonight may or may not be a different story. R&S and I are meeting Gerry, Catherine, WendyJean, KC2 for supper. Catherine told WJ she was welcome to invite the Counts (as in KC1, etc.), I'm betting that WJ wants to put off them meeting certain members of her mother's family as long as possible . . . namely, Roberta and me. I have my list of questions ready though.

We have found a lot of old photos in Roberta's paper closet, including quite a few of WJ - maybe we should take a selection to pass around the dinner table.

Only did about 14 miles this morning on Roberta's bike. It is rather confusing if one is just riding around - I think I saw the same golf course (same spot) at least 10 times. Early in the ride (7:15ish) did see a lot of cars clumped near one house. I thought maybe they had a big party last night and people stayed overnight or big breakfast meeting. Turns out it was an estate sale. Life in Sun City. You never really get lost . . . or get anywhere at all.

Oh, and it is MUCH cooler at 12834 today.


Catherine said...

Serena, I was somewhat concerned when there was no post or email from you by 7:30am. Thought maybe you had decided to go to Zimbabwe also. Thanks for editing my post. Did it in a different way last night and didn't realize the title needed to be changed until I had already published. See you later today. --C

Roberta said...

TESTING..............Serena, I can't remember how to get post an original (like an original JOE HORTON PAINTING!) I will simply add on to this!

We enjoyed having dinner with the Arizona Delegation tonight, and instead of ordering soapaphia (where is my Google translater?)we came home and enjoyed some of your great bread Serena!

WE did stop and buy gas tonight and it took just over 19 gallons, I think we could have gone another 20 miles before actually running out. I was telling of a friend of mine who run out of gas twice yesterday! This is enough of a test, Roberta here

Mary Uible Crowson said...

sopapilla is the word you're looking for and actually found gas today in Macon for $2.75; needless to say, I filled up!

Roberta said...

Ah, we paid $2.85 and thought we were buying a bargain! I did get a 32 ounce coca cola for 59 cents at QT too. Breakfast is on the table.......Roberta

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