Sunday, August 13, 2006

After the Walk

Catherine and I left about 6:30 a.m. and got back a few minutes ago. Gerry has been busy washing the car and Catherine is now busy calling WendyJean and a couple of First Watches to see where would be the best place to fit in 13 people at 11:00 - both for parking and eating.

We walked up to Cactus and then caught a bus going south. We did have to flag it down as the bus was a bit early and we were a bit late and even with running we couldn't make it to the stop in time. I told Catherine I wasn't sure which would be worse - sitting in the heat for an hour for the next bus or walking 3 or so miles in the hot sun. Fortunately we didn't have to make that choice.

It looks like we are going to the First Watch right downtown - easier parking and fewer crowds since it is Sunday. There is some sort of sporting event in that general vicinity in the early afternoon, but we should be gone before the crowds hit. I'm assuming it is maybe a baseball game, but I don't really have any idea.

Not sure what we are doing the rest of the day - Catherine has the day off. I'm guessing maybe we'll see what the game plan is for the rest of the group. Last night we watched part of some movie and some baseball game that somebody was winning. I got more of my book read.

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